Map of Beaches in Barbuda

1 | Goat Point

Goat Point is a little cape near the Northern tip of Barbuda. It is beautiful and isolated, with blindingly white sand and flawless turquoise waters.

Barbuda is located one and an eighth miles (a kilometer and a half) to the south-southeast of this beach, which is situated on Goat Island.

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1 | Two Foot Bay

On Barbuda's east coast, Two Foot Bay was made a national park in 2002. The sand is soft and white and the scenery is incredible.

The center of Barbuda is approximately three and a half miles (approximately five and a half kilometers) to the south-southwest of this beach.

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1 | Palm Beach

Palm Beach dazzles beach-goers with its blindingly white sand which has unique patches of pink sand as we. It's a huge beach, isolated and pristine, and in 2014 Travel + Leisure Magazine ranked it as one of the Best Secret Beaches in the world.

Travel approximately four miles (approximately six and a half kilometers) to the west-northwest from the center of Barbuda to find this beach.

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1 | Palmetto Point

Famous for it's pink sand and popular with boaters, Palmetto Point is the southernmost tip of Barbuda.

This beach is within easy traveling distance of Codrington, 5.3 miles (8.5 km) from the center of Barbuda.

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1 | Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach is the premier beach on the island of Barbuda due to its unique color. Still, due to the island's low population, the beach is very often deserted.

Vacationers will find this beach within traveling distance from Codrington, south-southeast of the center of Barbuda.

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1 | Coco Point

This beach is unique in that is surrounded by ocean on both sides, as it juts out from the island of Barbuda. The sand is magically soft and the area is full of greenery and palm trees.

This beach is located within traveling distance of Codrington, approximately six and a half miles (approximately ten kilometers) to the south-southeast of the center of Barbuda.

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1 | Spanish Point

Spanish Point is the south easternmost point of Barbuda, named for a shipwrecked Spanish vessel that ran aground here in 1695. It's famous for it's beautiful coral reefs.

Go approximately six and a half miles (approximately ten and a half kilometers) southeast from the center of Barbuda to find this beach.

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This map spotlights the approximate location of 7 beaches on Barbuda.

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Points of Interest Near Barbuda
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Coco Point 6.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Barbuda
Goat Point 1.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Goat Island
Palm Beach 3.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Barbuda
Palmetto Point 5.3 mi. South West of Central Barbuda
Pink Sand Beach 5.0 mi. South-Southeast of Central Barbuda
Spanish Point 6.6 mi. Southeast of Central Barbuda
Two Foot Bay 3.4 mi. North-Northeast of Central Barbuda


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