Shopping on Barbuda

What you need to know about shopping on Barbuda is when to find the best product.  Almost everything you can buy on the island is imported by boat from Antigua which can drive prices up and make getting some items fresh on certain days important.

Fresh fish is a great buy if you need to stock the kitchen of your rental.  You can head to the wharf and pick up your catch of choice every day of the week and you'll never be disappointed with the quality.  Fruits and vegetables, however, should be picked up on Thursday through Saturday, unless you happen upon a stand set up by a local grower. 

For souvenir shopping, you can plan a trip to Antigua but there is a small crafting community that sells their wares in Cordington, and you can also get locally made clothing and household items in town. 

Food and Grocery

Look through this table for more information about your options.

Food and Grocery Stores On Barbuda
Name Type Phone Location
Bus Stop Shop Convenience Store (268) 560-6449 Codrington, Central Barbuda
The Island Depot Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (268) 562-4073 Codrington, Central Barbuda

Other Retail

Another 3 shops are listed down below.

Other Types of Shopping On Barbuda
Name Type Phone Location
Follow the Flag Discount and Variety Store (268) 580-8280 Codrington, Central Barbuda
Island Pharmacy Drug Store (268) 720-2629 Codrington, Central Barbuda
Valarie Variety Store Discount and Variety Store (268) 560-2650 Codrington, Central Barbuda

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