Basse Terre Accommodations

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The larger of Guadeloupe's two main islands, Basse Terre is dominated by a volcano and lush forested lands.  Local lodgings take advantage of these natural surroundings by setting themselves up in areas that boast gorgeous views and invite local ecology to play a role in the décor and ambiance. 


Le Jardin Malanga Hotel

In addition to typical hotels, you'll also find at least a pair of properties offering cottages. Read more details on each property by clicking on their names.

If you're planning a conference or are traveling with a large group, consider a group-friendly accommodation such as Hotel St. George. Each room is decorated in a style that bring Victorian elegance together with modern style. Air conditioning, television, private bathrooms, and a balcony are standard, though if you stay in a suit you'll also enjoy an extra terrace and a mini bar. If you're looking to call before booking a room, do so at (059) 080-1010.

Another place to consider will be Le Jardin Malanga Hotel. Le Jardin Malanga consists of a colonial mansion and three separate cottages for guests to enjoy. Set amid groves of citrus trees, the fragrances and ambiance create the perfect combination for relaxation. If you have questions and want to call before you go, you can do so at 590-92-67-57.

Needless to say, you'll be able to find other hotels. To reach our full guide to hotels around the area, see this page.

You can also see all the various accommodations located around Guadeloupe by clicking here.

While there are a small number of luxury properties, overall, Basse Terre likes to keep things simple and all-natural.  If this sounds like what you're looking for in your accommodations, this may just be the vacation destination for you. 


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