Basse Terre Accomodation Options

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The larger of Guadeloupe's two main islands, Basse Terre is dominated by a volcano and lush forested lands.  Local lodgings take advantage of these natural surroundings by setting themselves up in areas that boast gorgeous views and invite local ecology to play a role in the décor and ambiance. 


Le Jardin Malanga Hotel

As well as standard hotels, you can also find two properties offering cottages. All of them are found just outside of Basse Terre. Click on each link to read more info.

One place on the water's edge that is worth considering is Hotel Bois Joli. There are 3 types of accommodations you can book: Balcony Rooms, Rooms of Residence, or Family Rooms. Balcony Rooms have a great view of the ocean and are near both the beach and restaurant. Rooms of Residence also offer a view of the ocean, providing a more panoramic view. For customers who want to call before you go, you can do so at 05 90 99 50 38.

Le Jardin Malanga Hotel is another good choice to consider. Le Jardin Malanga consists of a colonial mansion and three separate cottages for guests to enjoy. Set amid groves of citrus trees, the fragrances and ambiance create the perfect combination for relaxation. You can find them at 60 Route de l'hermitage.

These are just some of what's available. To learn more about nearby hotels, follow this link.

You can also see a full listing of accommodations for Guadeloupe here.

While there are a small number of luxury properties, overall, Basse Terre likes to keep things simple and all-natural.  If this sounds like what you're looking for in your accommodations, this may just be the vacation destination for you. 


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