Attractions in Basse Terre

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One could say that the entire island of Basse Terre is a natural attraction all itself, what with is volcano, waterfalls, and forested lands.  But visitors should make themselves away of the other sites that exist including a few landmarks and museums, and of course, the coast which is lined with fantastic beaches.


There are a large selection of beaches to choose from, though they are all found nearby. Click on the beach names for detailed information about that section of the coast.

Anse Duquery: Surrounded by trees and covered in dark sand, Anse Duquery is sure to appeal to ecotourist and adventurous tourist. Those looking for beach bars, hammocks, and general fun-in-the sun will need to go elsewhere.

Another place to consider is Anse Salee. Anse Salee is not a beach most tourist will be going to on their vacation. While not far from Basse Terre, this beach is right in a residential section of the island mainly services locals.

Anse St Sauveur: The beach may be away from tourist, but it can still get crowded. Anse St. Sauveur servers the adjacent residential area and can be a popular place to spend free time on hot days, as the many trees offer some shade while the cool water can refresh.

These examples are only a few of what you can find. To see our guide to beaches, go to this page.

Landmark Attractions

La Bonifière is a museum just on the edge of Basse Terre. Coffee and chocolate are the two main products created here. You can view the chocolate workshop as well as learn about local coffee traditions and the processes it takes to make both.

If you're intrigued by the distillery process, another landmark you could consider heading to is Distillerie Bologne Tours. Visitors are encouraged to visit Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Aqueduc et Réservoir de Petite Guinée: This unique historical site was registered as a historical monument in March of 2003 and consists of a network of pipes used to draw water from its source to the neighborhood of St. Francis.

That's not all -- you can find a nice selection of other places to visit. Read this article dedicated to other interesting landmarks in and near Basse Terre if you're interested in learning additional information.

Natural Attractions

Le Mangofil is one of the natural attractions you might enjoy visiting. At its heart, Le Mangofil is a zip-lining adventure park, but the activities available here for adults and children alike are endless and include everything from miniature golf to ATV courses.

This is merely one example of the options worth consideration Navigate to this article concerning natural attractions in and near the area if you're seeking more details.


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Travelers do not usually stay in Basse Terre to find gambling, although there is one such place, Karubbean Poker.

A few days spent on Basse Terre should be a few days spent outdoors, but it doesn't have to be.  With several options existing in each category, the sites you see can certainly be catered to fit into the type of vacation style you desire to achieve. 


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