Résidence Arsenal

In its life span of over 300 years, this property has been a Jesuit Monestary, an artillery barracks, and a residential community. There is a lot of history here, and tourists are welcome to walk through and see it for themselves.

Staying Close

Basse Terre is a good option for those wishing to visit Résidence Arsenal, because guests staying in this part of Guadeloupe will be pleased to have easy access to this historic attraction during their time there. With only a few accommodations around the community within the vicinity of this historical site, only moderate foot traffic should be bargained for.

Hotels near Résidence Arsenal
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Hotel la Croisière Hotel -- --
Hotel St. George Hotel -- --
Hotel de Recroy Hotel -- --

Location and What's Nearby

There are a reasonable number of culinary options to choose from in the locale near this historical site. The most frequented nearby restaurant is Ho Fip-Sang, which serves up Chinese dishes. The dining establishment is a small ways away, but out of the way enough that you may need to aim for employing a particular means of transportation to arrive. Jam Tribu and Le Jazzy's are some more food and drink options near Résidence Arsenal. At Le Jazzy's you may try a bite of French dishes and experience the Guadeloupe culture.


Contact Information

Location: 7 Rue Rémi Nainsouta, Basse Terre, Basse-Terre


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