Basse Terre Restaurants

Known as the “Wild Side” of Guadeloupe, Basse Terre doesn't suffer for lack of restaurants despite its more natural appeal.  Although mainly concentrated to the north of the island, there are places to eat all over, ranging from quick, rustic food stands, to elegant French spots. 

Caribbean and Local

For those vacationers who enjoy seeking out new and intriguing flavors that are particular to the areas they visit, Basse Terre offers a good range of truly local restaurants to choose from. Creole and Caribbean dishes are among the options found in the area. Don't forget that you can read further info for each restaurant on the page by clicking the names.

Le Rivage Restaurant is a casual restaurant located in Basse Terre. Known for its high quality Creole cuisine and its setting right on the beach, Le Rivage Restaurant is a casual gourmet affair despite the rustic look of the property. Guests can reach them at (059) 086-0240.

Le Rocher De Malendure is a nice restaurant in the area that's worth considering. A family-friendly seafood restaurant set on the beach, Le Rocher de Malendure is known for its fresh food and attentive service.

Le Tam Tam: Traditional Creole cuisine served up at low prices makes Le Tam Tam a favorite among guests who want their food made fast, fresh, and served up hot. Guests can reach them at (069) 053-0860.

You can use the table down below to find information on related options within the area.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Basse Terre
Name Location Type Phone Number
An ba Chatenn la Basse Terre Creole (059) 081-1914
Délices Tropicales Basse Terre Creole (059) 081-0315
La Taverne Royale Basse Terre Caribbean (059) 081-2434
Le Baobab Tropical Basse Terre Caribbean (059) 060-1307
Le Carrefour Dumanoir Basse Terre Creole (059) 099-7008
Le Phoenix Basse Terre Creole (059) 081-5056
Le Rivage Restaurant Basse Terre Creole (059) 086-0240
Le Rocher De Malendure Basse Terre Creole (059) 098-7084
Le Tam Tam Basse Terre Creole (069) 053-0860
Restaurant Habitation Desmarets Basse Terre Creole (059) 081-7369
Restorisa Basse Terre Creole (059) 003-0728
Ticlo Basse Terre Creole (059) 081-2553

European and Asian

Travelers can pick from several European restaurants in the vicinity, though you shouldn't expect to find many options for Asian cuisine. Alongside French-style restaurants, you can also find some Italian food in the area as well.

Maxipizza is a lunch and dinner option located in Basse Terre. Everything about the pizzas here is made fresh, from the dough to the tomato sauce. Visitors will be able to find them on Avenue Paul Lacavé.

Jam Tribu is a notable nearby venue worth considering. Set in the historic district of town facing the sea, Jam Tribu is the perfect setting for fresh caught seafood for lunch. The property is located at 1 Rue Mortenol.

Le Jazzy's: The restaurant is open from noon to 2:30 p.m. for lunch Monday through Friday, and from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. If you want to call before booking a room, do so at (059) 025-5002.

The chart just below presents the 9 different choices that are able to be seen while in Basse Terre.

European and Asian Restaurants in Basse Terre
Name Location Type Phone Number
Ho Fip-Sang 406.7 mi. North of Central Basse Terre Chinese (059) 094-8084
Jam Tribu 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Basse Terre French (059) 003-6147
La Grande Gourmandise Basse Terre French (059) 099-7281
Le Cabanon Central Basse Terre Italian (059) 094-8084
Le Jazzy's 1.1 mi. South West of Central Basse Terre French (059) 025-5002
Maxipizza Basse Terre Italian (059) 081-0109
Saint-val Hugues Basse Terre Italian (059) 032-1050
Table d'hôte Le Petit Parc 1.5 mi. Northeast of Central Basse Terre French (059) 095-6742
Taiwan Basse Terre Chinese (059) 060-4819

American and Other

Poivre & Menthe is a lunch and dinner possibility located within Basse Terre. Lunch is available every day of the week except for Sunday from 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., while dinner is from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. You'll be able to find them on Avenue du Gouverneur Lion.

American and Other Restaurants in Basse Terre
Name Location Island Type Phone Number
Poivre & Menthe Basse Terre Basse-Terre American (059) 076-1001

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