Activities in Basseterre

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A small but busy town on the southwest coast of St. Kitts, Basseterre is unique because it is home to two different town squares.  “The Circus” is geared towards tourism, while “Independence Square” is more for quiet sightseeing as visitors walk through town glimpsing historic building.  Although there is plenty to do in either area and throughout the rest of town, one of the most popular activities is shopping.  Leather handicrafts, woven baskets, and locally created clothing are particularly good finds and you can get great deals on jewelry at the Pelican Mall.  

Bike and Scooter Rental

Short term visitors and long term guests both agree that renting a scooter can add a number of options of exploration during your stay in Basseterre. Whether you choose to simply cruise the streets, or use them for transportation, bikes and scooters can expand the scope of your vacation.

If you like the idea of sightseeing at a more leisurely pace, there are two rental agencies that can help you. Anyone who needs to get more details about this topic can do so here.


Basseterre Diving

Divers coming to Basseterre will not be displeased; colorful coral reefs are found just off the coast, ready to be explored.

You'll find several dive services and at least 7 interesting dive sites in the area. Click this link to find our page concerning diving opportunities in this area.


Speedy 4 Charter

Basseterre has its very own reef just off shore. This underwater ecosystem provides the area with an abundance of fish that anglers can test their skills with.

Hoping to go fishing during your vacation? There are a couple of charter fishing companies operating in this area. Readers can get more information about fishing in this area can do so by clicking on this link.


St. Kitts Golf

If you like golfing you should know that Basseterre isn't overloaded with golf greens. Still, there's one course to be aware of. The only course in the area is Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. To read about other golf courses throughout St. Kitts, go to this article.

Sailing and Boating

Speedy 4 Charters

Take a look at this table to see local providers that will help you enjoy some time on the water.

Boating Opportunities In And Around Basseterre
Name Phone Location
Blue Water Safaris (869) 466-4933 Downtown Basseterre
Captain Sunshine (869) 663-9290 Old Road Town, 5.7 mi. West-Northwest of Central Basseterre
Leeward Islands Charters (869) 465-7474 Downtown Basseterre
Speedy 4 Charters (869) 466-1472 0.5 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Basseterre

If you want to learn about area marinas and charter operators see this page.


Royal Gems

If your group includes some folks who enjoy shopping they can "discover" a few of the 45 retail shops in the area. For information on opportunities for shopping in Basseterre, check out this page.


National Museum

Many visitors spend at least a day enjoying the sights and sounds of Basseterre. Area sights include 8 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to visitors Click this link to see our discussion of area sightseeing and attractions.

The chart just below offers some details on a firm that can help you get the most out of your sightseeing time.

Sightseeing Services In Basseterre
Name Phone Location
Flamboyant Tours (869) 466-3840 Downtown Basseterre
Greg's Safaris (869) 465-4121 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Basseterre
Kantours ATV (869) 465-2098 Downtown Basseterre
Pereira Tours (869) 665-1943 Downtown Basseterre
Tropical Tours (869) 465-4167 Downtown Basseterre


Greg's Safaris

If you are intrigued by the idea of underwater sightseeing you'll be pleased to know you'll have the chance during your vacation in Basseterre. To see our guide to local snorkeling opportunities, go to this page.


St. Kitts Spas

Relaxing in a spa might be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation. If a visit to the spa sounds like fun, you will be happy to discover there are a couple of options in this area. Navigate to this page concerning spas in the area if you'd like to learn additional facts.

Other Activities

Information concerning some other activities are shown in the following chart.

Other Activities In And Around Basseterre
Name Type Phone Location
Beach Addiction Watersports Operator (869) 765-4246 Frigate Bay, 2.6 mi. East of Central Basseterre
Life Fitness Centre Fitness Centers and Instructors (869) 465-4416 Downtown Basseterre
Mr. X Water Sports Watersports Operator -- Frigate Bay, 2.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Basseterre
St. Kitts Megaplex 7 Movie Theater (869) 466-4777 Downtown Basseterre
St. Kitts Scenic Railway Scenic Railway (869) 465-7263 1.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Basseterre
Warner Park Sports Complex Sporting Event Venue -- Downtown Basseterre

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