Sailing and Boating Near Basseterre

Sailing options are plentiful in Basseterre

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The official port of entry on St. Kitts is at Port Zante in Basseterre, where yachters have to co-exist with much bigger vessels such as cruise ships to find a place to dock.  Though the facilities are great, this is worrisome to many who will end up choosing to charter a yacht upon arrival in town or sign up for a boat tour rather than sail directly to the island themselves.   

Boat Trips and Day Sailing

The sailing tours offered out of Basseterre tend to be more about luxury and relaxation than action and adventure.  Most offer a few hours of sailing up and down the coast with the inclusion of snacks and beverages, while some will have a full meal.  You might also be able to find a tour guide that will anchor the boat and let guests dive in for some swimming and snorkeling. 

If you're simply wanting to experience some time on the open water, without the cost and responsibility involved with renting a boat you should take a day sailing excursion. Want to know more what it's like to go along for the ride? Take a look at the chart below to get contact information for area providers.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
Blue Water Safaris (869) 466-4933 Princes Street - Downtown Basseterre
Captain Sunshine (869) 663-9290 Old Road Town
Leeward Island Charters (869) 465-7474 Fort Street - Downtown Basseterre
Speedy 4 Charters (869) 466-1472 Frigate Bay

Boat Rentals and Charters

You can skip the hassle of sailing internationally without having to forgo time spend out exploring local waters by hiring a charter when you arrive.  Most local companies also offer a knowledgeable local sailor as part of the package, but if you've got the credentials you may be able to get a bareboat charter. 

Contemplating chartering a boat? You can take a look at the following chart to find out how to reach a charter operator serving this area.

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location Island
Leeward Islands Charters (869) 465-7474 The Circus - Downtown Basseterre St. Kitts


If you do decide to sail to the island, your first job when you arrive in Basseterre will be to go to customs at Port Zante where an official will check the boat's paperwork and store list, then go to immigrations at the police station where everyone aboard must present their passports.  If approved by both parties, you will then be responsible for paying a $7.50(USD) customs charge.  Note that if you have plans to sail to Nevis at any point you will need to request a Boat Pass that will prevent you from having to go through customs a second time.

If you have any questions about sailing to St. Kitts, you can contact the marina manager of Port Zante at 869-466-5021 or over the VHF Radio at channels 16 and 68.  It is there that you'll be docking your boat, at the 36 slip marina which can accommodate boats up to 100 feet in length. 

Are you going to travel to Basseterre using your own boat, or a charter from a different area? See the table that follows to find summary information concerning area marinas.

Name Phone Location Island
Marina -- Downtown Basseterre St. Kitts

With so many options available to those visiting Basseterre, some time spent on a boat is an absolute must.  Whether you sail in yourself, charter a boat when you arrive, or participate in a tour by catamaran, something almost magical awaits.  


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