Shopping in Basseterre

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Whether it is because it is where cruisers arrive and depart from, because of the variety, or perhaps because of the prices, Port Zante is the center of tourist shopping in Basseterre.  It is home to the town's major mall which houses everything from cheap souvenir shops to high-end jewelers.  Of course, there are plenty of places throughout town where you can find both and everything in between as well.

As you're shopping in Basseterre, be on the look out for leather goods, expensive French fragrances, china, and electronics.  This is where you'll find the best deals, but you won't want to overlook the beauty and unique nature of the local crafts either. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs or gifts consider heading to Occasions, which is found in Basseterre. In need or a quick floral arrangement or a small gift, you'll find Occasions definitely has something for every occasion. You will find them on Fort Street.

Another place to consider is Pirana Joe, which is found about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) of Occasions. It's a funny story how Pirana Joe came to be, filled with three friends and a run in with some piranhas. A year after these friends emerged unscathed from the incident, they decided to come together and start a line of products that spoke to their adventurous past. And that is how Pirana Joe got its start. Find them at 1511 Port Zante.

The table below enables you to learn more information about 20 gift and souvenir shops in Basseterre.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Basseterre
Name Phone Location
Amina Craft Market -- Downtown Basseterre
Bay Side Souvenirs (869) 465-1088 Central Basseterre
Captain Jack's (869) 465-8786 Downtown Basseterre
Caribbean Gifts & Liquors (869) 465-9838 Downtown Basseterre
Driftwood Port Zante (869) 466-2432 Downtown Basseterre
Driftwood RLB Airport (869) 466-2432 1.3 mi. Northeast of Downtown Basseterre
Duty Free Souvenirs (869) 466-2786 Downtown Basseterre
Gift 'R' Us (869) 466-9301 Central Basseterre
I Love St. Kitts (865) 466-7675 Downtown Basseterre
Island Treasures (869) 466-0466 Downtown Basseterre
Karibhana (869) 465-1745 Downtown Basseterre
Occasions (869) 465-0043 Basseterre
Omni Paradise Lifesyles (869) 465-8391 Downtown Basseterre
Pirana Joe (869) 466-9301 Downtown Basseterre
Pirate -- Downtown Basseterre
Sharky's (869) 465-7787 Downtown Basseterre
Shivas Souveniers (869) 465-7519 Downtown Basseterre
St. Kitts Souvenirs & Boutique (869) 466-3651 Downtown Basseterre
Tropical World (869) 466-8219 Downtown Basseterre
Zemenfes Art Gifts & Music (869) 465-3701 1.3 mi. Northeast of Downtown Basseterre

Specialty Shops

One of the more interesting speciality shops in the area is Kenneth's Dive Centre. They're found within downtown Basseterre. The oldest dive shop on the island, Kenneth's Dive Centre has been providing quality dive training and guided tours to divers from around the world for decades. Their claim to fame? Visitors will be able to find them on Bay Road.

Another good option is Spencer Cameron Art Gallery, which is located a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Kenneth's Dive Centre. Spencer Cameron Art Gallery is a popular gallery because of the historical reproductions of island charts and prints, which make for gorgeous souvenirs, and owner Rosey Cameron's well loved Carnevale clown prints. A collection of local crafts including glass works is also on display. They can be found at 10 North Independence Square.

Effy Jewelers Basseterre: Effy Jewelers began with a man named Effy Hematian selling quality jewelry out of a suitcase in New York City, and quickly word got out that these pieces were worth checking out. Soon, Effy had a storefront and now a franchise. They're at 2111 Port Zante.

Several of the specialty shops located in Basseterre are provided in the table below.

Specialty Shops In Basseterre
Name Type Phone Location
Baranof Jewelers Jewelry Store (869) 466-3888 Downtown Basseterre
D'Orlahn Jewelry Store (869) 465-4321 Downtown Basseterre
Diamonds International Basseterre Jewelry Store (869) 466-8104 Downtown Basseterre
Effy Jewelers Basseterre Jewelry Store (869) 465-1339 Downtown Basseterre
Glitter Jewelry Jewelry Store (869) 466-4613 Downtown Basseterre
IC Jewelers Jewelry Store (869) 466-5853 Downtown Basseterre
Indigo Jewelery Jewelry Store (869) 669-8190 Downtown Basseterre
Jerry Jewelers P V International Jewelry Store (869) 465-8863 Downtown Basseterre
K K Jewels Jewelry Store (869) 466-5984 Central Basseterre
Kays Fine Jewellry Jewelry Store (869) 465-8213 Downtown Basseterre
Kenneth's Dive Centre Dive Shop (869) 465-2670 Downtown Basseterre
Linen And Gold Jewelry Store (869) 465-9766 Downtown Basseterre
Milano 21 Jewelry Store (869) 465-7881 Downtown Basseterre
Noble Jewelers Jewelry Store (869) 466-7115 Downtown Basseterre
Passions Jewelry Store (869) 466-2849 Downtown Basseterre
Royal Gems Jewelry Store (869) 466-8441 Downtown Basseterre
Sean Jewellers Jewelry Store (869) 465-7389 Downtown Basseterre
Spencer Cameron Art Gallery Art Gallery (869) 465-1617 Downtown Basseterre
Swatch Watch Store (869) 465-7999 Downtown Basseterre
Venetian Fine Jewelers Jewelry Store -- Downtown Basseterre

Clothing and Apparel

Hoping to find some new clothing during your vacation? You might want to visit The Athlete's Foot Basseterre -- which is found within downtown Basseterre. Whether your specialty is soccer, football, dance, or you're an all around athlete, you'll find durable footwear for you at the Athlete's Foot. You'll find them on Victoria Road.

The table directly below lists some details concerning the apparel shops in Basseterre.

Clothing and Apparel In Basseterre
Name Type Phone Location
CJ's Fashion & Tailoring Clothing Store (869) 466-1421 Downtown Basseterre
Carol's Boutique & Souvenir Boutique (869) 465-9767 Downtown Basseterre
City Shoe Store Shoe Store (869) 465-2177 Downtown Basseterre
Del Sol Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (869) 466-3375 Downtown Basseterre
Edris Flair Fashion Clothing Store (869) 465-7621 Downtown Basseterre
G's Plus Size Fashion Clothing Store (869) 466-7116 Downtown Basseterre
Gems Shoestore Shoe Store (869) 465-0730 Downtown Basseterre
His n Hers Boutique Boutique (869) 466-7893 Downtown Basseterre
Island Fever Clothing Store -- Downtown Basseterre
Island Hopper Baseterre Batik Store (869) 465-1640 Downtown Basseterre
Mustard Seed Boutique Boutique (869) 465-5247 Downtown Basseterre
Roots & Culture Boutique Boutique (869) 466-4894 Downtown Basseterre
Ruby's Boutique Boutique (869) 465-7827 Downtown Basseterre
Scruples Boutique & Gift Shop Boutique (869) 465-1664 Downtown Basseterre
Sun Island Clothes Clothing Store (869) 465-8070 0.6 mi. East of Downtown Basseterre
The Athlete's Foot Basseterre Shoe Store (869) 465-9548 Downtown Basseterre
Warner's One Stop Men's Formal Wear & Wedding Gowns Rental Men's Clothing Store (869) 465-8630 Downtown Basseterre

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? American Bakery is found within downtown Basseterre. Fresh baked goodness is up for grabs at American Bakery, were you'll find everything from hearty breakfast rolls to fresh baked breads, and mouth-watering desserts. They can be found on Victoria Road.

You can look through the table just below if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Basseterre
Name Type Phone Location
American Bakery Bakery (869) 465-2136 Downtown Basseterre
Bassterre Market Grocery Store -- Downtown Basseterre
Blondell's Store Grocery Store (869) 466-5352 Downtown Basseterre
C & C Superfoods Grocery Store -- Downtown Basseterre
Food Centre Grocery Store (869) 466-9031 Downtown Basseterre
Fulton Bakery Bakery (869) 465-2940 Downtown Basseterre
IGA Value Mart Grocery Store (869) 465-1600 Downtown Basseterre
Island Bakeries Bakery (869) 465-8074 Downtown Basseterre
Kassab Bichara Grocery Grocery Store (869) 465-2543 Downtown Basseterre
Pelican Liquor & Tobacco Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (869) 466-1656 Downtown Basseterre
Public Market Grocery Store -- Downtown Basseterre
Ram's Supermarket Grocery Store (869) 465-2145 0.9 mi. East of Downtown Basseterre
Rams Super Market Grocery Store -- 1.1 mi. East of Downtown Basseterre
Smoke 'N' Booze Duty Free Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (869) 465-1415 Downtown Basseterre
Tony's Bicycle & Liquor Centre Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (869) 465-2433 Downtown Basseterre

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