Attractions in Bathsheba

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From the botanical gardens to a watch tower and down to the every popular beaches, many of Bathsheba's most important attractions exist outside of doors.  There are plenty of ways to keep cool inside as well, though if you aren't shopping, eating, or sleeping, you're probably gambling in a glitzy casino. 


Cattlewash Beach

There are a large number of beaches to enjoy in and around the area. You can click on the beach names for detailed information about that part of the coast.

Cattlewash Beach: The beach is accessible via the Ermy Bourne Highway for both pedestrians and vehicles. The beach runs parallel to the highway, with parking areas at various points throughout.

A second location worth considering is Bathsheba Beach. Bathsheba Beach is positioned on the stunningly beautiful east coast of the island, offering visitors incredible rock formations and excellent views of the hills. The rugged waves are ideal for advanced surfing, while those looking for a simple swim should stick to the inshore pools.

Barclays Park Beach: Barclays Park Beach is spread across the east coast of the island, offering an incredible view of the dramatic eastern coastline. Largely free of amenities, the beach provides visitors with undeveloped beauty and a sense of history, as it was a gift from the UK to celebrate the independence of Barbados.

Bathsheba and the surrounding areas have a wider range of beach choices. If you'd like to dig deeper, you can get more information here.

Landmark Attractions

St. John's Church

A common landmark for vacationers is Cotton Tower Signal. It is situated in southwestern Bathsheba. Back in the 19th century the Barbados military utilized a series of signal stations to give island wide warning when a threat would occur. They were built on highly elevated ground both so that the military officers would have a good view of the surrounding area as they stood watch, and so that others would see their signals.

Another landmark worth visiting is St. John's Church. It is found on St. John Parish, 2.5 mi. Southeast of central Bathsheba. Featuring classic Gothic architecture, the St. John's parish church was built in 1831 to replace the previous church which had been destroyed by a hurricane -- a theme you see a lot with the churches on Barbados.

Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill: Visitors who tour the mill will be welcomed to explore an exhibit of the equipment used to produced sugar during the 18th and 19th centuries. Between the month of December and April, guests are even given demonstrations of how it was done, and offered a sample of the cane juice to taste.

The region includes a more extensive set of sites to visit. Click this link to see our page about other sites worth visiting in and around the area.

Natural Attractions

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

Andromeda Botanical Gardens is one of the natural attractions that's enjoyed by many visitors. Once a private estate, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens are now open to the public so that all may take in the wonderful sights and explore the extensive grounds. Visitors are sure to enjoy the many plants, flowers, and trees, as well as the equally beautiful birds that make the gardens their home.

Another option to consider is Hunte's Garden. These private gardens are the pride and joy of owner Anthony Hunte. He invites guests to come and walk his very large garden. Do not be discouraged by the idea of a personal garden, Anthony Hunte is a world recognized horticulturalist, and his garden is more of a jungle that you may think.

These examples are just some of the available options. To read our guide to natural attractions in and around Bathsheba, go to this article.


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These examples are only some of what's available. Click here to check out our discussion of gaming close to Bathsheba.


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