Bathsheba Buses

A convenient and low cost option for exploring Bathsheba and beyond

Photo credit: © sunmaya

If you're looking for a more authentic look at what life in Bathsheba is like, why not try taking the bus?  Although you cannot rely on this form of transportation to get you around on your specific schedule and with speed, it is a great way to take things slowly, travel down streets you might not otherwise have seen, and mingle with local riders.

You'll find it very easy to recognize the buses thanks to their blue coloring and yellow striped down the middle of the body (or vice versa), which are also the national colors of the island.  Private buses are similarly designed, though these buses are minivans that drive around on shorter routes. A third and final type of bus available on the island is the “ZR” bus, which are white, privately owned minivans.

All of the buses operate on fixed schedules and for the same price, so which one you take will depend upon your personal preference and which is headed in the direction you need to go.

The island's main bus terminals are located in Bridgetown and Speightstown, but you will still see quite a few buses run through Bathsheba throughout the day. Red, white, and black signs are posted around town indicated the bus stops, and there are also signs that will tell you if the bus is traveling to or from Bridgetown. You can expect to spend a flat rate of BDS$2 every time you get on the bus and the public buses only accept only exact change.  Current schedules are also available on the Barbados Transport Board's Web site.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Route 1-E Speightstown Bus Terminal Lumber Company Bus Stop, Ashton Hall Bus Stop, Clarke's Cap Bus Stop, Mile and a Quarter Bus Stop, All Saints Bus Stop, Benny Hall Bus Stop, Farley Hill Bus Stop, Shorey Village Bus Stop, Doughlin Bus Stop, Babylon Bus Stop, Belleplaine Bus Stops, Lakes Bus Stop, Barclays Park Bus Stop, Cattlewash Beach Bus Stop, Bathsheba Bus Stop
Route 6 to Bathsheba Fairchild Bus Terminal Globe Roundabout Bus Stop, Station Hill Bus Stop, Lower Estates Bus Stop, Market Hill Bus Stop, Horse Hill Bus Stop, Andromeda Gardens Bus Stop Bathsheba Bus Stop

With a few different types of buses to choose from in Bathsheba, your preferred method of transportation may change on any given day.  Knowing your options helps to allow you to prepare in advance and make the most of this inexpensive and culturally enriching way to get around. 


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