Actun Chapat

Only recently opened to the public, Actun Chapat is known by very few tourists, but is a must-see site nonetheless. There is evidence that this cave system was used by Mayans since around 4400BC, and the owner of the property is very careful about who is allowed in. For this reason, only he will lead tours and he watched carefully over his guests to ensure that none of the artifacts are damaged. You should only plan a trip here if you are soft footed and will take great care to preserve the structure's integrity.

Actun Chapat is actually comprised of three separate caves called Actun Chapat, Halal, and Son of Chapat. None of the caves have been fully excavated, but we do know at this point that Actun Chapat has two entrances and no known ending, and Son of Chapat is believed to have a subterranean connection to Actun Chapat. Between the three there are thousands of feet of passages.

Actun Chapel was once a burial chamber for the Mayans, but it has been looted over the years. Several bits and pieces of human remains are still present. In addition to the artifacts, animals such as bats and opossum can be spotted inside, plus there is a lake with crabs and blind catfish.


Actun Chapat is located in the vicinity of Belize City, in Belize; it is to the west of Belize City.

The cave system is located about 19 miles south of San Ignacio, but you will need a guide to get there and to go inside.

Nearby Restaurants

There are a multitude of dining options to select from in the community immediately near the cave. The Garden Cafe and Courtyard, which has a menu full of eclectic meals, is very close-by, making it a great option for cave visitors. The Victorian Room Restaurant and 88 Kitchen are some more restaurant options close to this page's attraction. At 88 Kitchen you and your group may try a bite of Chinese food and experience the flavors of Belize.

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There are some additional activities nearby, including Old Belize, which is within traveling range in Northern Belize. Also, you might consider visiting Yarborough Cemetary, which is another attraction close by.

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Yarborough Cemetary Historic Site -- -- Downtown Belize City
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Swing Bridge Historic Site -- -- Fort George
Maritime Museum Museum -- -- Fort George
Supreme Court Building Historic Site -- -- Fort George
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Location: Mile 73 3/4 Western Highway, the vicinity of Belize City, Belize


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