Attractions in Belize City

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Belize's major urban sprawl, Belize City is not often chosen as the top tourist destination in the country.  Those who pass through without so much as taking a look around are missing out, because there are so many attraction to be seen it is astounding.  Museums and cultural centers are especially prevalent, and although natural attractions are scarce, there are a few worth a visit.


There are a couple of beaches to enjoy in the area. Click on the name of the beach to get additional information about that beach.

Cucumber Beach: Named for its history as a produce export take-off point, Cucumber Beach is a major tourist destination near Belize City. It is actually a part of the Old Belize Museum and Cucumber Beach Marina facility, so tourists and sailors frequent this destination regularly and it is often crowded.

Another alternative for beach-goers to consider is Belizean Beach. Belizean Beach faces the Sibun Bight, which is formed by the outstretched peninsula of Belize City. The slight curve of the beach provides an amazing panoramic view of the palm trees, tropical foliage, and beautiful blue sea.

View this table for a listing of beaches available in the area.

Beaches In Belize City
Name Location Coast
Belizean Beach 3.7 mi. West of Central Belize City North East
Cucumber Beach 3.6 mi. West of Central Belize City Northeast

Fortunately, Belize includes other beaches. Click on this link to visit our page dedicated to beaches in Belize.

Landmark Attractions

Government House/House of Culture

A common landmark for vacationers is Government House/House of Culture. It is located in downtown Belize City. Set in Belize City, the Government House, also known as the House of Culture, served as the seat of government for over 150 years as well as the private residence for numerous notable names. With so much history housed in one spot, it only makes sense that it would now serve as a social and cultural center.

Another popular destination is Museum of Belize. It is found within downtown Belize City. Once a prison, in 2002, this expansive property was converted into a museum of cultural importance, the Museum of Belize. More than a cultural museum, however, this spot serves as a center for local children to learn and grow, as it also shares the country's history with visitors.

Maritime Museum: As a country set along the Caribbean Sea, it is easy to gleam how important the sea is to the people of Belize. The Maritime Museum deconstructs the relationship between the two entities, through exhibits that feature numerous historical artifacts as well as photographs and models.

But that's not all -- you'll find some other options as well. Click here to check out our article concerning other interesting landmarks in Belize City.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you hope to enjoy more of your vacation outside? You may be pleased to know the area has an interesting nature preserve nearby.

Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular nature preserve found 3.9 mi. East of central Belize City. Swallow Caye is located about 19 miles southeast of Caye Caulker.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Belize City
Name Type Location
Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.9 mi. East of Central Belize City Belize


Even though most vacationers are drawn by the region's beaches, those aren't the only way to experience the area's natural beauty. The one example is Actun Chapat. It is located in western Belize City. <p>Only recently opened to the public, Actun Chapat is known by very few tourists, but is a must-see site nonetheless. There is evidence that this cave system was used by Mayans since around 4400BC, and the owner of the property is very careful about who is allowed in. For this reason, only he will lead tours and he watched carefully over his guests to ensure that none of the artifacts are damaged. You should only plan a trip here if you are soft footed and will take great care to preserve the structure's integrity.</p>


Visitors can also experience a couple of parks in and around Belize City.

Bacab Ecopark is found 12.3 mi. West-Northwest of central Belize City. This ecopark is located right in the middle of the jungle and welcomes guests to stay on property either by renting a room, parking their RV, or camping. Attractions onsite include a pool, a waterfall, restaurants, bars, and much more, plus they offer guided mountain biking, ATV, horseback, and hiking tours.

The parks available are listed below.

Parks In and Around Belize City
Name Type Location
Bacab Ecopark Park 12.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Belize City
Memorial Park Park Downtown Belize City


Belize Casinos

Travelers don't usually come to Belize City to gamble, but there is one such venue, Princess Casino. <p>Try your luck at one of the largest and most popular casinos in all of Belize, Princess Casino at the Princess Hotel. You will find plenty of games and entertainment here to keep your attention, including show girls and a complimentary buffet after midnight.</p>


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