Buses in Belize City

As busy as Belize City is, you might expect that a public bus system is a given.  Unfortunately, while there is a bus that travels through regularly for long-distance transport, there not an option for more local travel.  

To say that riding a bus in Belize is an adventure would be an understatement. The buses tend to be retired school buses from the United States, although on occasion you'll see a luxurious coach bus transporting passengers. Buses are crowded by passengers, lack air conditioning, and can be a bumpy ride.

While there is no bus system within Belize City, nor any city in Belize, there are buses that run along the highways connecting most of the major cities. They run mainly along the Northern and Western Highways, with limited services along the Hummingbird and Southern Highways.

The main bus terminal in Belize City is on West Collet Canal Street, and from there you can get to other places such as Orange Walk and Dangriga. The cost of your ticket will vary by location, and you'll spend anywhere from $1 to $25(USD). Buses will only accept U.S. and Belizean currency. 

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Intercity Northbound to Santa Elena Belize City Terminal Orange Walk Bus Terminal, Corozal Bus Terminal Santa Elena Bus Terminal
Intercity Southbound Belize City Terminal Belmopan Bus Terminal, Dangriga Bus Terminal, Independence Bus Terminal Punta Gorda Bus Terminal

Tourists who arrive in Belize City expecting to be able to save money by taking the bus everywhere they go will be disappointed by the lack of options.  However, if your plans are to travel more extensively throughout the country, buses are a great option to consider. 


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