Map of the Area surrounding D' Nest

1 | Bachelor Inn


(501) 223-7310 | Hotel

This hotel is located not far east-northeast of D' Nest, and is at 5931 Bachelor Avenue West.

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2 | TZA Airport


Go east for two miles (three kilometers) from D' Nest to reach this airport, which is located on the ocean.


3 | The Victorian Room Restaurant

(501) 223-2302 | Buffet

Situated within Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, this buffet is located only 0.4 miles (0.6 km) north-northwest of D' Nest.

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4 | The Garden Cafe and Courtyard

(501) 223-2302 | Café

Interested guests can find this café on the same grounds as Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza.

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5 | Best Western Biltmore Plaza


(501) 223-2302 | Hotel

This hotel can be found on the northwestern outskirts of Belize City, and is next to (less than a quarter kilometer) The Garden Cafe and Courtyard.

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6 | Red Hut


(501) 223-1907 | Motel

This motel is situated next to (less than a quarter kilometer) north of D' Nest, and is at 90 Bella Vista.

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7 | Gulf Hotel

(501) 223-1738 | Hotel

Guests can find this hotel at 6110 Dolphin Drive, just 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from D' Nest.

8 | Villa Boscardi


(501) 223-1691 | B & B

Travel a quarter mile (a quarter kilometer) from Gulf Hotel to get to this B & B, which is located at 6043 Manatee Drive.

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9 | Golden Tree


(501) 223-5053 | Hotel

Found at 1740 Conney Drive, this hotel is located a mile (a kilometer and a half) to the east of D' Nest.

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10 | Three Star Guesthouse

Guest house

This guest house is located at 11 Meighan Avenue, and is only 1.8 miles (2.9 km) east of D' Nest.


The interactive map displays the 10 notable points of interest located within 2 miles of D' Nest. The location of the B & B allows for convenient access to 7 additional accommodation options (seen in navy) and a scattering of places to eat (red pins). For those in need of convenient air travel, the closest airport (map no. 2) is found two miles (three kilometers) east of D' Nest.

To find additional info about what's available close-by, or to get a more comprehensive view of the region, use your mouse to explore the map further. Map numbers shown on the pins above match up with what is found listed in the table below.

Points of Interest Near D' Nest
Map No. Type Name Distance from Hotel
1 Hotel Bachelor Inn 1.5 mi. (2.4 km)
2 Airport Belize City Municipal Airport 1.9 mi. (3.1 km)
3 Restaurant The Victorian Room Restaurant 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
4 Restaurant The Garden Cafe and Courtyard 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
5 Hotel Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
6 Hotel The Red Hut Inn 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
7 Hotel Gulf Hotel 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)
8 Hotel Villa Boscardi 0.7 mi. (1.1 km)
9 Hotel Golden Tree Hotel 1.1 mi. (1.7 km)
10 Hotel Three Star Guest House 1.8 mi. (2.9 km)

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