Landmarks in Belize City

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There is no better place to start than Belize City to learn about the culture, heritage, and history of the entire country.  As the nation's capital, not only will you get to experience government buildings, but museums that have been erected specifically to keep the past at the forefront of the city's mind as it moves towards the modern era, and a fort which once provided protection in a time of struggle. 


Government House/House of Culture

In case you enjoy learning about other people and places, you should consider visiting a museum during your time in Belize City. To obtain complete information about each museum, just click on the name.

One popular destination is Government House/House of Culture. It is located within downtown Belize City. While there are no actual exhibits housed at the Government House, it is used for cultural events, and available to be rented out for private functions.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Museum of Belize. It is located within downtown Belize City. Collections at the Museum of Belize include a stamp of Queen Victoria circa 1837, historic artifacts, and Maya pottery. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to step inside a well-preserved jail cell.

Maritime Museum: As a country set along the Caribbean Sea, it is easy to gleam how important the sea is to the people of Belize. The Maritime Museum deconstructs the relationship between the two entities, through exhibits that feature numerous historical artifacts as well as photographs and models.

The following chart provides you with more details regarding some museums to consider in and around the area.

Museums In and Around Belize City
Name Phone Location
Government House/House of Culture (501) 227-3050 Downtown Belize City
Maritime Museum (501) 223-1395 Downtown Belize City
Museum of Belize (501) 223-4524 Downtown Belize City
Old Belize (501) 222-4153 4.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Belize City

Historical Sites

Supreme Court Building

Enjoy learning some of the historical roots of places you visit? If so, you should consider visiting some of these historical attractions during your stay.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Supreme Court Building. It is found within Supreme Court of Belize and located in western Belize City. The building that stands as the Belize Supreme Court building today was built in 1926 and is the third incarnation of the facility. The first two burnt to the ground, first in 1820,, then again in 1918.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Swing Bridge. It is located within western Belize City. Located in downtown Belize City, the Swing Bridge, circa 1922, is the oldest swing bridge in Central America and the only remaining manually operated swing bridge in the world.

Yarborough Cemetary: Used between the years of 1787 and 1896, the Yarborough Cemetary was the first cemetery in British Honduras. Though it began as a burial site for Anglican Church Members, it soon became open to the general public, and soon after that was filled to capacity.

Take a minute to read the following chart for a listing of sites of historical interest in the area.

Historic Sites In Belize City
Name Phone Location
Baron Bliss Memorial & Fort George Lighthouse -- Downtown Belize City
Supreme Court Building 227-4387 Downtown Belize City
Swing Bridge -- Downtown Belize City
Yarborough Cemetary -- Downtown Belize City

Fortunately, Belize City has other attractions. To find out more about other attractions for Belize City, check out this page.


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