Altun Ha

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Altun Hun, meaning "Rockstone Pond," is an ancient Maya ruin that is a popular tourist attraction due to its easy accessibility from nearby Belize City.

What to Expect

Simply walking around the grounds of Altun Ha is something to write home about. Though it is a small site (perhaps larger, not all of the site has been excavated from the surrounding jungle), the structures that have been unearthed are impressive.

Structures at this site include the Temple of the Masonry Altars and its seven tombs, a temple known as Temple A-6, which has not been completely restored yet, two plazas, and another temple called the Temple of the Green Tomb where jade, tools, skins, jewelry, and more have been uncovered.

Of particular note, the Jade Head of the Maya un od has been found here, a jade carving of the Maya Sun God Kinich Ahau, which weighs an impressive 10 lbs. The carving has been hidden away in a bank vault, and a replica can be seen at the Central Bank of Belize. It is important to know that jade is not native to Belize.

As it stands today, Altun Ha takes up 25 square miles of land.

Staying Close

A welcoming part of Belize is a good option for those wishing to visit Altun Ha, because visitors to this region of Belize will be excited to have easy access to this historic attraction for the duration of their trip. With only a small number of hotels in the neighborhood surrounding this historical site, a small amount of foot traffic might be predicted.

Hotels near Altun Ha
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club Resort 8.9 mi. (38.7 km) W
Maruba Resort Jungle Spa Resort 9.4 mi. (32.3 km) N




It is free to explore the grounds of Altun Ha, though many tourists choose to visit the site on guided tours which do cost money.

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Location: Northern Belize, Belize


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