Beaches in Belize

Beaches are scarce in Belize, but its coastal property is extremely beautiful

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Beach property in Belize is somewhat scarce because the barrier reef off the country's coast blocks many of the mineral deposits needed to form sandy beaches. So, if you want to spend time at the beach, be selective in choosing where to stay.

Which Beaches Are Available?

There are a large number of beaches to consider in the area. Regardless of whether you'd rather be part of a busy beach scene, or you enjoy relaxing in a secluded area, you should be able to find just the right beach. To get additional information about one particular beach just click on the names of the ones you're interested in.

South Placencia Beach

Sittee Marina Beach: Sittee Marina Beach is located a short distance from Sittee River. The area is largely comprised of tropical vegetation, with a small area of soft sand.

A second alternative to consider is South Placencia Beach. South Placencia provides a beautiful beach spot off the east coast of the country. The area is a popular location for visitors and locals alike, containing many smaller resorts and restaurants steps away from the white, sandy beaches.

Riversdale Beach: Riversdale Beach provides excellent access to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea, as well as a wonderful view of the country's natural vegetation. Unlike the Placencia peninsula to the south, the Riversdale area is fairly undeveloped, offering a far more intimate beachfront setting.

Check out the following table for more information.

Beaches In Belize
Name Location Coast
Ambergris Caye Southeast 2.5 mi. South West of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye South West
Belizean Beach The vicinity of Belize City, Central Belize Belize North East
Corozal Bay 1.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Corozal Belize North
Cucumber Beach The vicinity of Belize City, Central Belize Belize Northeast
Hopkins Beach Hopkins, Central Belize Belize South East
Hummingbird Beach The vicinity of Dangriga, Central Belize Belize South East
La Barra Cedar Beach 2.7 mi. North-Northeast of Central Chunox Belize North
Maya Beach 5.5 mi. North of Central Placencia Belize South East
Mullins Beach Central Belize Belize East
Not-So-Secret Beach 4.1 mi. North of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye West
Riversdale Beach Riversdale, Southeastern part of Belize Belize South East
Seine Bight Beach 3.7 mi. North of Central Placencia Belize South East
Sittee Marina Beach Central Belize Belize South East
South Beach 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye South-Southwest
South Placencia Beach 0.5 mi. South of Central Placencia Belize South East

Fortunately, Belize has other attractions. Those interested can get more information concerning other attractions by visiting this page.

Beaches in the Cayes

Some of the most popular beach property in Belize is located on Ambergris, which is the largest of Belize's cayes, or small islands. The little city of San Pedro is a quiet fishing town on Ambergris Caye, which still has sandy roads traversable only by golf carts.

There are quite a few beach resorts located in the central areas of this sleepy, little town, and though San Pedro is a popular vacation spot for travelers, the city never feels overcrowded. When visiting the beaches on Ambergris, you can choose to do all kinds of water sports, or absolutely nothing at all. From San Pedro Town's beaches, you can spot the barrier reef off of the shores of mainland Belize.

Other cayes with great beaches include Caye Caulker, which is only a little more than two and a half miles long and not even one mile wide. Also, the Turneffe Islands have several white-sand beaches and plenty of tropical sunshine and breezes.

...enjoy the sun, sand, and surf...


Mainland Beaches

Areas near Belize's coastline often feature tropical rainforests and ancient Maya ruins, which are a significant part of Belizean culture. Vacationers can explore Belize's fascinating history and heritage while taking in lush tropical coastal scenery. Plenty of flourishing palm trees dot Belize's coastline. All you need is a hammock and an ice-cold tropical drink, and you can lie back, relax, and let the Caribbean breezes do the rest.

Some of the best oceanfront property on mainland Belize can be found in Placencia in the south part of the country. Here, the locals are friendly, and the beaches are sparkling. The aquamarine waters and pristine sandy beaches ensure you'll enjoy your time spent near the water. Punta Gorda and Dangriga are other Belize towns where you can hit the beaches during your vacation.

Although the stunning coral formation off the country's coast makes Belize more well-known as a scuba and snorkeling hot spot, the areas beaches are still something to experience. Although they are not large in size or number, the white-sand beaches are beautiful, and vacationers are sure to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf that only Belize beaches can offer.


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