When is the Best Time to Visit Belize?

Belize heats up in the summer season, but the rest of the year is pleasantly warm

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When to Visit Belize

Vacationers head to Belize throughout the year in order to experience natural attractions that the country is so well known for. Weather, crowds, cost, and special events are just a few factors that come into play for many people planning to travel to Belize.


Belize Beaches

Belize offers travelers sunny, warm weather year round, with a minimum amount of rain in the northern portions, even during the rainy season. Weather can be a defining factor in deciding when to visit Belize for two main reasons: heat and rain. Between the months of June through December temperatures are pleasant but the country experiences quite a bit of rain. Some regions can accumulate up to 150 inches of rain during on rain season. This rainy season also coincides with hurricane season, which sounds more worrisome than it actually is. On the other hand, December through May is drier, but much hotter. The warmest months see temperatures that hit in the mid-to-upper 90s (Fahrenheit), with an average of 85 percent humidity.

Travelers who plan to spend much of their time exploring nature, as many who visit Belize do, should plan for wet afternoons during the rainy season. Alternately, they should pack extra water for outdoor activities during the dry season.

Belize's High Season


The peak season in Belize is similar to the rest of the Caribbean, striking between mid-December and mid-April, though December through February sees the most tourist traffic. Weather has a great deal to do with this, because many American visitors head to Belize for relief from the cold temperatures they are experiencing back home during this time of year.

One thing to keep in mind is crowd control. Restaurants, hotels, and even tour companies are running at their fullest capacity during the high season. Travelers are smart to book well in advance of their vacation in order to secure these basic vacation necessities. Luckily, members of the hospitality industry are well-versed in caring for guests during this busy time, and often extend business hours, have extra staff on hand, and do what they can to accommodate extra guests.

Belize's Off-Season

Decreased prices and fewer crowds are the main reason someone might travel to Belize during the off season. Because less people travel to the region between mid-April and mid-December, air lines, hotels, and car rentals companies drop their rates up to 50 percent. This is great news, but keep in mind that restaurants and shops may close earlier and tours may be fewer and farther between. This is also the time of year that hotels use to refurbish their properties, so you should always ask if this is something you should expect.

Events and Festivals

Belize Events and Festivals

Each season in Belize is filled with events and festivals that celebrate the country's culture, sports, music, and more. If you plan to visit Belize during the high season, you can expect to encounter such events as Carnival in February and La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge in March. Off-season travelers are not left out of the fun, however, with popular festivals like August's Deer Dance Day and the important Belize Independence Day in September.

When you choose to travel to Belize is up to you. Learning about your options is the first step in making an informed decision.


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