How Much Will it Cost to Vacation in Belize?

Budgeting for the expenses you'll encounter in Belize will help to make you a savvy traveler

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Although it is far from the most fun-filled portion of vacation planning, budgeting your trip to Belize is necessary to ensure that your vacation time is truly relaxing.

High-ticket items are the largest budgeting concerns, and it's hard to forget things that are often booked in advance, such as accommodations and car rentals. When planning these necessities, don't overlook the costs of food, other forms of transportation, and even shopping.

One of the first concerns many people have when it comes to budgeting for Belize is that prices here are relatively high for Central America. While this may be true, prices in Belize are still lower than in some other areas of the Caribbean.



If you're not picky about where you stay, budgeting for accommodation in Belize can be easy, even for those on a strict budget. However, travelers who like to vacation in style can expect to pay for it.

You can find hotel rooms in Belize for anywhere between $30 and $1000(USD) per night. For some of the nicer hotels, travelers should expect to pay more than $200(USD) per night. Choose your accommodation based on your style preference and your budget.

Getting to Belize

When planning your budget, it is important to plan for transportation.  Driving, flying, cruising, and sailing are all the typical travel methods.  Depending on where you're coming from, driving is often the cheapest option. When traveling by land to Belize, consider the food and drinks you'll need to purchase along the way, as well as the cost of gas and tolls. You may also need to prove to authorities that you have enough money to last for your entire stay. Similarly, cruise ship travelers may have to pay for activities or drinks. Sailors with their own boats will need to bring their own food and water for an extended journey at sea.

Transportation in Belize

Once you're in Belize, you'll need to pay for additional transit. While taxis, ferries, and buses are relatively cheap, rental vehicles can be rather pricey. Planes can be inexpensive for short distances, but will cost more for longer hauls.

In cities, a taxi ride will usually cost approximately $3(USD). In more rural areas, a taxi may cost as much as $20(USD). These are good general price guidelines, but you should research each area's set fares to make budgeting a little easier.

Ferries are a scenic way to travel between the mainland and the Cayes and generally cost no more than $20(USD) for a round-trip ticket. Be aware that one-way tickets can cost nearly as much.

Budgeting as much as $11(USD) for a bus trip in Belize is a good idea, although shorter trips can cost as little as $2.50(USD). To travel in style and air conditioning, expect to pay closer to $36(USD) per trip.

Rental cars can be a great transportation option in Belize, but they are not for the faint of heart. Because the roads tend to be rough, the only available rentals are SUVs, trucks, and other high-impact vehicles. Rentals start at approximately $60(USD) per day. If you want to rent an ATV, plan on budgeting more than $200(USD) per day. Bicycles are a much less expensive rental option.

Planes, on the other hand, can run as low as $36(USD) each way. Most will cost more, especially if you're covering a large distance, but short hops across Belize will be relatively inexpensive.


Budgeting for food in Belize can be pleasant when you consider the dining options. Here, you can truly customize your vacation experience by sticking to foods you know any like, or venturing out and sampling local cuisine. With some meals costing less than $5(USD), everyone can find something filling for a reasonable price. However, those who hunger for fine dining must be willing to pay a little more. Knowing your own tastes is key to knowing how much money you'll need to set aside for meals.


People tend to forget to budget for shopping while on vacation. How much you should budget really depends on you. After all, only you know how many souvenirs you'd like to take back for yourself and friends. Whatever your shopping habits, be sure to budget for them to avoid running low on money while in Belize.


Some travelers also choose to purchase medical insurance for their trip to Belize. The cost of insurance will differ for all travelers, but budgeting for it should be easy since you'll know the cost before you leave.

All in all, budgeting for a trip to Belize is relatively easy once you know what to look for.


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