Clothing and Attire in Belize

Travelers make the most of clothes designed for outdoor wear

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Belize Clothing

Unlike many of the Caribbean's other British colonies, in Belize the atmosphere is slightly more wild, with an eye on outdoor adventure over black tie affairs.

Unless you are traveling for business, it's best to leave dressier options back home. You will find hardly any occasion to wear expensive clothes, jewelry, and watches, except if you have purposely planned to go out for a nice meal or two. Most of your clothing should be suitable for outdoor comfort.


Remember that diving and hiking are the two main activities in Belize, so pack accordingly for much time spent in the sun and on the water. This means plenty of protective clothing, from hats and sunglasses for your face and eyes to sunblock to protect the rest of you.

You'll want to pack loose-fitting clothes that are made of lightweight fabrics. As you tour the jungled area, it will be important that you wear tall socks, long pants tucked into hiking boots, and long sleeved-shirts.  This will protect you from any bugs getting under your clothing.  At the same time, you will want to keep yourself cool in the high heat.  This is where the light-weight, breathable fabrics come into play.

When you are exploring the less exotic areas of Belize, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts, along with athletic shoes or comfortable sandals will do just fine.  Beach wear is just as important, because you are likely to spend at least part of your time at the beach or your hotel's pool.  Along with your swimsuit, bring along a cover-up that you can throw on if you need to run into a shop or restaurant.  Walking around town in only a swimsuit is frowned upon. 

As you travel through Belize, you will notice that most of the native people wear the same types of clothing that you do back home.  Jeans, t-shirts, skirts, and baseball caps are all in-style in Belize.  Still, there are some people who prefer the more traditional style of dress.  This means straw hats, and light-weight linen shirts and pants for men; and colorful dresses and kerchiefs decorated with shells for women.

With this in mind, you'll find that Belize's laid-back style means that comfort in clothing is the key to packing properly for your beach and jungle adventure.


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