All About Crime in Belize

Travelers to Belize avoid most crime by taking precautions

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Belize Crime

Crime in Belize is not generally considered to be a major tourist concern. However, international travelers would always be wise to take precautions.

While most travelers will never experience any crime, it is certainly something to be wary of. Statistics suggest that the crimes are concentrated among the native lower classes, not aimed at travelers. There are plenty of things you can do to avoid all kinds of trouble:

  • Do not accept any drugs you are offered, as drug policies are quite strict, and you can never be sure what the drugs may be laced with.

  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or showing large amounts of money.

  • Men should carry their wallets in their front pockets, and women should keep their purses zipped and close to their body.

  • Women especially should avoid being out alone, or even in small groups, at night.


It is also important to note that homosexuality is still considered a crime in Belize. There have not been any cases of arrests of visitors, but locals have been imprisoned. Therefore, homosexual travelers will want to maintain discretion.

What, Where, and When

Crimes travelers will need to watch out for include: violent crimes - armed robbery, shootings, stabbings, murder, and rape; petty crimes - theft, burglary, purse snatching, and pick-pocketing; and drug-related crimes. Stories have also come up of women who have been raped via the use of the drug Rohypnol, or, "roofies."

Travelers will encounter the most crime in Belize City, and the tourist centers, such as San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Placencia. It is also best to be careful in less populated areas and especially along the Guatemalan border.

Be especially careful during the times of year associated with high levels of tourism, the U.S.'s spring break, and the winter season, specifically around the holidays. Of course, extra caution should be taken after dark as well. Cities and rural areas are equally as problematic after dark.

Keep abreast of the latest information regarding crime and safety in Belize by visiting the U.S. State Department's Travel website,

With safety in mind, most travelers will avoid any problems in Belize.


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