Outlets and Voltage in Belize

Travelers from the U.S. will feel right at home

Photo credit: © Dreamstime.com

Belize Electricity

When traveling to a foreign country, there is always the posibility that you will have to bring along an adapter that will allow you to plug in the power cords for your electronics.  For U.S. travelers heading to Belize, this will not be the case.

Power is provided to Belize by Belize Electricity Limited (BEL).  More than half of the energy distributed by the company comes from renewable energy, which is quite in keeping with Belize's notoriaty as an eco-friendly country.  BEL has consistently received very high customer satisfaction ratings, which means that visitors can expect their experiences with the country's power to be exemplary.


Belize's electricital service is on the same cycle as the United States, which 110 volt, 60 cycle.  The standard two and three prong sockets are widely available as well.

Travelers from Europe and some parts of the Caribbean will have to bring adapters to ensure that their electronics will be usable in Belize.  Also note that some eco-lodges and similar locations run on natural energy, and may shut down early in the evening. Firelight provides the later lighting.

Visitors from foreign country's should always take the time to make themselves aware of the type of electricity available in the country they are visiting.  While U.S. visitors will find it easy to plug their electronics in, vacationers from other countries should make sure to call their hotel for further details.


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