Fireburn Reserve

The Fireburn Reserve makes up over 1800 acres of land dedicated to the natural well-being of Belize and all of her inhabitants. Visitors will be able to travel into the reserve and try to see some of Belize's wildlife.

Most gusts to the refuge head over to the Visitor's Center, where they can get up-to-date information on the park and its attractions.


Located near the heart of Corozal District, 11.6 miles east-southeast of Chunox, Fireburn Reserve happily welcomes residents and travelers who are lodging in this part of Belize. Even if you aren't staying very close, you should think about stopping by to enjoy a great time. It's 17.2 miles southeast of Corozal.

Boat is generally the best way to reach the Fireburn Reserve, though it is possible during some seasons to take a rough dirt road into the park. Either way, it is not an easy journey, so plan ahead if you plan on visiting.

Nearby Attractions

Those who like nature preserves, and have the energy to view some others, should consider going to Shipstern Nature Reserve and Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary; the first of which is four and a half miles to the northeast of this nature preserve. Travelers will find Fireburn Reserve in a quiet, remote area - without most hotels and other tourist attractions.

More Information

Location: Corozal District, Belize


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