Fishing Near Belize

Belize offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities for vacationers

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With hundreds of miles of fishing areas, Belize is an angler's paradise. Fish fans are attracted to the waters of Belize because of the varied types of fishing only the Caribbean Sea has to offer. Belize's aquatic ecosystem is rich with a diverse number of fish and excellent fishing grounds that are surprisingly uncrowded.

Playing the Game Fish

The aquatic realm off the coast of Belize maintains a complex ecosystem made up of a countless number of sea animals, including bait fish, crabs, shrimp and microscopic sea organisms. These smaller sea creatures are plentiful in Belize's waters and provide food for larger game fish, such as permit, bonefish, and barracuda, which are fished for in lagoons and just off of Belize's coast. Tarpon (which can reach more than 200 pounds), snook, snapper, and jacks are plentiful around the mouths and inlets of Belize's rivers, while barracuda, grouper, and some amberjacks and snapper live in the coral reefs.

Head for deeper waters if you want to fish for larger quarry like the marlin, sailfish, pompano, and bonita, which are popular catches pulled from the deep. All the aquatic game of Belize's underwater world provide ample opportunities for vacationers who want to enjoy great Caribbean fishing and the chance to reel in several kinds of exotic game fish.

Best Catches by Time of Year
Year round Barracuda, marlin, snapper
Fall/Winter Wahoo, grouper
Spring/Summer Sailfish, king mackerel

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishermen who want to hook the bigger game fish should try the deeper waters of the briny Caribbean. The sea outside of Belize's barrier reef yields large fish like billfish, marlin, wahoo, dorado, and various kinds of sharks. Fishing the deep sea requires patience and strength. The wait will be well worth it once you hook one of these giant fish of the deep. But be prepared for some action, as these large fish aren't reeled in without a fight.

River Fishing


The coast of Belize consists of a number of river mouths, creeks, small cayes (islands), lagoons, and flats. Belize City offers both great river fishing as well as coastal fishing. One of the most popular game fish in the Belize Olde River is the permit. Belize is world-renowned for its permit fishing, which is typically most popular between October and July. Weighing anywhere from 5 to more than 30 pounds, these fish may not be large, but they put up a heck of a fight. Other fish that are popularly sought by river fishermen are bonefish, tarpon, snappers, jacks, groupers, cobia, and barracuda.

While fishing along the coast of Belize, don't be surprised if you encounter other forms of the country's wildlife, including howler monkeys, large iguanas, various exotic birds, manatees, and even crocodile sunning along Belize's coastline.

Reef Fishing

Belize's expansive barrier reef provides shelter for an array of fish species and other sea creatures. While fishing near the reefs, the most common catches have been mutton and yellowtail snapper (the largest recorded snapper weighed 16 pounds), jack crevalle, grouper, and barracuda. Reef fishing is sometimes called bottom fishing and is a popular activity among families vacationing in Belize because it's easy and fun. You can spot many types of creatures while reef fishing, including the occasional shark.

Flat Fishing from the Cayes

In Belize, flat fishing means taking a boat to one of the region's cayes, traveling to the back of the islet on its lagoon side, and fishing for bonefish, tarpon and permit, which are bountiful in these areas. Barracuda, jack crevalle, and snooks are often caught in these waters as well. Most flats in Belize are soft-bottomed, so wading is not always an option.

Fishing Charters

GoFish Belize

If you are intrigued by the idea of reeling in a big catch during your vacation, there are 19 different charter fishing operators that can help you find the best fishing spots.

If you'd like to organize a fishing trip, you should consider GoFish Belize. Go Fish offers a number of charters including flats fishing by fly rod or spinning rod, reef fishing, night fishing, and snorkeling. There are also a number of packages that include barbecues and other adventurous activities. They are located within San Pedro, Belize.

Another good option is SEAduced by Belize. The snorkeling and fishing excursion includes a full day of sailing and watersports. You can arrange for a BBQ on board or stop at a local restaurant on Caye Caulker for a refreshing lunch. You can call them at (501) 226-2254.

A third option is Hardcore Fishing Charters. Fish with some of the area's most experienced captains and crews aboard their 32' "Pelagic" Cape Horn. Inner and outer reef fishing, spin fishing, light tackle trolling, and overnight reef trips are also available. They're located in Placencia Village, Belize.

Take some time to look through the table just below for more information about your options.

Fishing Charters In Belize
Name Type Phone Location
Amigos del Mar Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-2706 0.8 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Anglers Abroad Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-0303 0.9 mi. South-Southeast of Central Caye Caulker Caye Caulker
Barefoot Fisherman Expeditions Fishing Charter Service (501) 634-1704 0.9 mi. South-Southeast of Central Caye Caulker Caye Caulker
Belize Diving Adventures Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-3082 0.1 mi. East-Southeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Belize Fish Finder Fishing Charter Service -- San Pedro, Northeastern part of Belize Ambergris Caye
Belize Parasail Plus Fishing Charter Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-3866 0.7 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Bocawina Adventures & Eco Tours Fishing Charter Service (844) 894-2311 Central Belize Belize
Cari'Bean Tours Fishing Charters Fishing Charter Service (501) 601-8586 0.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Freedom Tours Fishing Charter Service (501) 665-7106 San Pedro, Northeastern part of Belize Ambergris Caye
GoFish Belize Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-3121 1.4 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Hardcore Fishing Charters Fishing Charter Service (501) 523-3612 0.6 mi. South of Central Placencia Belize
Hatchet Cay Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 533-4446 Southeastern Belize Belize
Monkey River Eco-Tours Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 533-3029 0.0 mi. Northeast of Central Monkey River Town Belize
Permit Pow Fishing Charter Service (501) 523-3132 0.7 mi. South of Central Placencia Belize
Portofino Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 678-5096 6.6 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Roam Belize Fishing Tours Fishing Charter Service (501) 670-7870 1.0 mi. South of Central Placencia Belize
SEAduced by Belize Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-2254 San Pedro, Northeastern part of Belize Ambergris Caye
White Sands Fishing Fishing Charter Service (501) 226-2405 0.5 mi. East of Central Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye
Wild Thing Aqua Tours Fishing Charter Service (501) 636-1028 0.5 mi. Northeast of Central Punta Gorda Belize

You will find 8 different fishing guides in the following table.

Fishing Guides In Belize
Name Type Phone Location
Belize River Lodge Fishing Fishing Guide Service (501) 225-2002 Central Belize Belize
Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Fishing Guide Service (800) 313-1672 Hopkins, Central Belize Belize
Cayo Frances Farm & Fly Fishing Fishing Guide Service (501) 610-3841 1.5 mi. West-Northwest of Central Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye
El Pescador Fishing Fishing Guide Service (804) 661-2259 3.4 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Tarpon Caye Lodge Fishing Fishing Guide Service (833) 827-7661 15.4 mi. East of Central Placencia Belize
Tres Pescados Fly Shop Fishing Guide Service (501) 226-3474 0.7 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Turneffe Flats Fishing Fishing Guide Service (888) 512-8812 23.2 mi. East of Central Belize City Belize
Xanadu Island Resort Fishing Package Fishing Guide Service (866) 351-4752 0.4 mi. South West of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye

All-Inclusive Fishing Resorts

Belize has a section of the tourism industry dedicated to visitors who come strictly to fish. There are a number of resorts with fishing vacation packages that include room and board, daily fishing trips, and more.

For between $1,000 and $4,000, travelers can book their three to seven night stay at the Belize River Lodge in Belize City. The lodge offers two standard guided fishing tour packages, but are happy to work with guests to create a customized package to meet their needs. Rates include airfare within Belize (but not to Belize), room, meals, and skiff and fuel.

Bite Me Belize offers three different lodging facilities and three different fishing trip packages for guests. Lodging choices are the Belize Fishing Motel, Belize Fly Fishing Cabins, and Belize Fishing Lodge. Packages range from the $400(USD), three night, do-it-yourself trip (that includes room and board, but no fishing guide) to the $1,249(USD), week long, guided fly-fishing package.

El Pescador Ambergris Caye offers guests the opportunity to choose between staying in a colonial lodge or a luxury villa. Prices here range from $1,500 to $9,000(USD), and includes air and land transportation, room, three meals a day, use of on property amenities such as the pool and gym, and full-day fishing trips.

Whether you're interested in fly, reef, deep sea, or night fishing, Hotel del Rio on Ambergris Caye has a package to suit your needs. Prices range from $1249(USD) for a five night stay that includes three days of fishing, to $2038(USD) for seven nights and five days of fishing. Pricing is for two guests.

The Inn at Robert's Grove is said to be Belize's finest fishing resort. There are numerous packages available that cover everything from family fishing outings to out island fishing tours. Prices range from $1,500 to $5,000(USD).

Fishing days are not included in the price of your stay at Portofino Belize, but they can arrange a fishing trip for guest for an additional cost. A half day of flats fishing costs $255(USD), and a full day costs $340(USD) for two people. Reef fishing trips, meanwhile, can accommodate four guests, and costs the same price.

Tarpon Caye Lodge is located moments away from what is known as the "Permit Fishing Capital of the World" and one of the top tarpon fishing grounds as well. Guests can choose between fly fishing, spin fishing, reef fishing, and little big game fishing packages, ranging in price from $2,000 to $4,000(USD). These packages include room, meals, ground transportation, use of snorkeling gear, and guided fishing tours.

There are six different day packages for between $3,000 and $4,000(USD) available at Turneffe Flats Lodge. Pricing includes area transportation, room, three meals a day, fully guided salt water fly-fishing and flats fishing tours, and several diving trips (at an additional cost).

If you yearn to get away from it all, Turneffee Island Lodge is a great place to start. This fishing lodge accommodates only 35 visitors at a time, and is located on a secluded island 30 miles southeast of Belize City. Fishing packages begin at around $1,500(USD) for a three night stay, and increase from there. These packages include room, food, daily fishing trips, and a personal guide.

Belize Fishing Resorts
Belize River Lodge Belize City Phone: 888-275-4843
Bite Me Belize Various Locations Phone: 970-457-4662(USD)
El Pescador Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye Phone: 800-242-2017
Hotel del Rio Ambergris Caye Phone: 501-226-2286
Inn at Robert's Grove Placencia Phone: 800-565-9757
Portofino Ambergris Caye Phone: 501-678-5096
Tarpon Caye Lodge Placencia Phone: 501-523-3323
Turneffe Flats Lodge Belize City Phone: 888-512-8812
Turneffe Island Lodge Caye Bokel Phone: 800-874-0118

Along with boundless fishing possibilities, the waters of Belize are often uncrowded, free of swarming fishermen, and serene. Belize officials encourage a catch-and-release policy for all fish that you're not going to eat to preserve the Caribbean's delicate aquatic ecosystem. You're guaranteed to find a great fishing spot while vacationing in this enchanting country.


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