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The dining experience in Belize has been influenced by the many diverse cultures thriving in the country

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Belize Food

Throughout Belize, travelers will encounter all kinds of dining options. From the creole cuisine to international fare, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Belize's cuisine is not generally considered to be world-class, but travelers seeking fine cuisine can certainly find it. Some have even said the easiest way to find top-notch fare is simply following your nose, since many times the restaurant itself may be deceiving. But the laid-back style of Belize's restaurants shows through in more than just décor.



Few of the finest restaurants even require jackets, though they may be preferred. Meanwhile dining on Ambergris Caye and the islands is extremely laid back - even more than you'll find in the cities. But, while décor and dress are low-key, one thing you should always call ahead for is a reservation. Popular spots can easily get crowded.

Travelers should keep in mind more than just their budget, however, when choosing a dining venue. For example, vegetarians will want to avoid creole restaurants, as the cuisine focuses mainly on meats and seafood. Meanwhile, Chinese and other Eastern dining options are quickly gaining popularity. Dining is rarely a problem because Belize has so many options to offer.

Those looking for the highest quality restaurants, however, should head to Ambergris Caye for their dining experience. Outside the bigger cities, local restaurants serve popular Belizean creole dishes. And, of course, hamburgers and pizza are widely available.

Culinary Styles


Like Americans, the people of Belize eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  These meals are eaten in the same time frame as Americans typically eat, and the meals are similar, except for a few minor differences.  For breakfast, Belizeans will have eggs, but instead of pancakes or toast, johnnycakes (round biscuit with butter, or stuffed with ham and cheese), fry jacks (deep fried, thin flour biscuits topped with powdered sugar), or tortilla.  Refried of black beans is sometimes a part of the breakfast meal as well.  Lunches are light meals of sandwiches, burgers, stews, or tacos, and dinners vary, consisting of a meats, fruits, rice and beans, and starch of some sort. 

A few unique menu items that American, Canadian, and European visitors will not be farmiliar with include "the Queen's Rat" (gibnut), iguana, armadillo, and sea turtle. To read more about the culinary styles of Belize, click here.


One interesting the corn-based Atole de Maize.


Like the rest of the Caribbean, rum is the alcoholic beverage of choice, and is served straight up, or mixed into a variety of fruity concoctions.  Beers in Belize are often dark.  Guiness Foreign Extra Stout and Belikin Stout are popular choices by locals.  On the non-alcoholic side of things, fresh fruit juices are superb, and sodas are widely available. 

One interesting drink to come out of Belize is the corn-based Atole de Maize.  Pureed corn kernels, creamy milk from the thrash, cinnamin sticks, and sugar are boiled together, then mixed with condensed milk to make a sweet, thick, hot beverage found at many roadside vendors.

European and American influences have made the foods of Belize tolerable to many tourists, though those looking to try something new have that option as well.  No matter what kind of dining is desired, Belize has something to fulfill travelers wishes.


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