Four Mile Lagoon

There are two clear areas where visitors can sit and view the majestically beautiful body of water that is known as the Four Mile Lagoon. Those looking for a getaway surrounded in nature will find that this is a great camping and canoeing destination.

Just before the Rio Hondo empties into Chetumal Bay, it receives a surge of water from the Four Mile Lagoon.


Located toward the northern outskirts of Corozal District, 6.7 miles south west of Chetumal, Four Mile Lagoon always welcomes customers rooming in this area of Belize. However, even if you aren't staying nearby, you should consider stopping by to check it out. From this location, Corozal is five miles (eight kilometers) to the south.

Nearby Restaurants

You can find a sizable number of culinary establishments to choose from in the locale around this lagoon. The most nearby eatery to Four Mile Lagoon is Chon Kong Restaurant, a great restaurant to have a bite to eat at on your way to spending some time at Four Mile Lagoon. Corozo Blue's Restaurant Bar & Day Resort and Diana's Saloon offer additional dining options close-by where guests can give your taste buds a treat and enjoy the Belize scene.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors who have interest in visiting a second lagoon, make the trip to Ranchito Lagoon, situated 7.6 miles to the south of this page's natural attraction. You'll find a couple other attractions nearby, including Santa Rita, which is within traveling range in Corozal District. You might also want to consider making the trip to Corozal House of Culture, which is another attraction close by.

More Information


To visit the lagoon, you'll pay an entrance fee of $2(USD) per person a day. If you plan to camp at Four Mile Lagoon it is $5(USD) a night and $25(USD) a week. If you'll be parking a RV, the cost is $15(USD) a night.


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