Golden Stream Waterfalls

This small natural waterfall is part of the history of the village it gets its name from, Golden Stream. Even today, villagers still use the waterfall to get water, wash clothes, and bathe in. Today they also use it to make money, by offering visitors a guide to get to it.

These small waterfalls are more well known for the large pools they flow into. The pools are large and deep, and are perfect for swimming, as long as you do not mind that the water is brown like the dirt along the banks. It is not far from the village of Golden Stream, so it is a perfect place to see the life of the locals, as you may be swimming along side them.


Golden Stream Waterfalls is located in the heart of Toledo District, in Belize; it is to the north-northeast of Punta Gorda.

Golden Stream Waterfall is located just outside Golden Stream Village just North of Punta Gorda. However, the village is small, and no large roads go into it. As such, you will most likely need a car with four wheel drive and probably a guide or a reliable GPS, as the roads will be windy and unreliable.

Nearby Restaurants

If you find your belly rumbling after your waterfall visit, don't worry -- you can find a great concentration of local restaurants in this general area. Golden Restaurant, which serves Asian fare, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this waterfall. Also within a short distance, you and your companions will come across options such as Waluco Bar and Restaurant and BoneVille Cafe where you should test out eclectic dishes and enjoy the local foods and culture of Belize.

Nearby Attractions

Other nearby attractions include Nim Li Punit, which is within driving range in Toledo District. You might also want to consider heading to Living Maya Experience, which is another attraction not far away.

Being able to choose from some other activities will ensure you won't get bored. The attractions nearest to this particular outdoor site are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Golden Stream Waterfalls
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Nim Li Punit Historic Site 7.4 mi. (29.6 km) NW 18.4 mi. North of Punta Gorda
Living Maya Experience Historic Site 9.5 mi. (19.4 km) W 12.0 mi. North-Northwest of Punta Gorda
Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory Tour Other Attraction 13.0 mi. (0.6 km) S Punta Gorda
Paynes Creek National Park Other Attraction 13.4 mi. (36.1 km) E 22.4 mi. Northeast of Punta Gorda

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Location: Toledo District, Belize


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