Monkey Bay National Park

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is an environmental education center that strives to educate the world on the possibility on sustainable living.

Located just across from the Monkey Bay National Park in Central Belize, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is set on 1,070 acres of varied habitat that include tropical forest, savanna, and riverine. The Maya Mountains and Sibun River run through the property.

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary hosts educational programs that teach guests about the importance of sustainable living and protecting the environment.


Positioned in Central Belize, 26.6 miles west-southwest of Belize City, Monkey Bay National Park happily welcomes visitors rooming in this part of Belize. Regardless of whether or not you are staying particularly close, you should consider dropping by for some fun in the sun. If you're curious, Belmopan is 16 miles (25 and a half kilometers) to the west-southwest.

Nearby Restaurants

The area immediately around the wildlife reservation isn't precisely famous for its collection of food and beverage options, but visitors with an adventuresome attitude may find a location to enjoy dinner. The nearest eatery to Monkey Bay National Park is Cheer's, which serves Belizean meals. It is just around one and a quarter miles away from the wildlife reservation, so check it out and try something off the menu.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find some additional attractions in the area, including Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, which is two miles away Central Belize. You might want to also think about heading over to Gran's Farm, which is another nearby attraction.

A wildlife reservation is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's more to visit in Belize. The following table includes other attractions close-by.

Attractions Near Monkey Bay National Park
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center -- 2.0 mi. (25.7 km) N 16.0 mi. East-Northeast of Belmopan
Gran's Farm -- 11.5 mi. (24.9 km) NE 15.5 mi. West-Southwest of Belize City
St. Herman's Cave GeoFeature 11.9 mi. (24.7 km) S 15.3 mi. East-Southeast of Belmopan
Chumpiate Maya Cave GeoFeature 14.4 mi. (16.3 km) SW 10.1 mi. Southeast of Belmopan

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Location: Belmopan, Belize


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