Nim Li Punit

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Nim Li Punit, also known as Big Hat, is a Maya site that saw its peak between 500 and 800 AD. This old city that was once home to nearly 7000 people, suddenly ceased to exist sometime in ninth century for reasons not yet known. For what ever reason of its demise, the site was refound in 1976 and is today open to the public to explore.


Today, much of the site has been excavated, and the public is welcomed to tour the area and study the civilization that once called the area home. Be sure to check out the wall etchings and art that can be located throughout the ruins, including one wall that depicts all of the city's rulers.

Staying Close

Toledo District is a good option for those wishing to visit Nim Li Punit, because travelers to this region of Belize will have the benefit of easy site access during their time there. The area around this site remains relatively quiet, perhaps because there aren't many lodgings nearby.

Hotels near Nim Li Punit
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Belize Lodge-Ballum Na Lodge -- --
Belize Lodge-Jungle Camp Lodge -- --
The Lodge At Big Falls Lodge -- --




You must pay a fee if you want to visit Nim Li Punit.

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Location: Toledo District, Belize


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