Pueblo Viejo Falls

Peblo Viejo plays an important role for a nearby Maya village, as it has for centuries. Just as the Mayas have in the past used the waterfall and pools for water and as a way to cool of during the hottest months, so do they still today. On a hot sunny day, do not be surprised if a group of Mayas join you in the pools here.

The waterfalls of Pueblo Viejo are no taller than fifteen feet, but the real fun is being able to swim under them in one of the many pools. These pools offer a great way to explore the area, as some are separated form others by thick vegetation and large limestone. Just be careful Just don't open your mouth under water or you may swallow a tadpole!


Pueblo Viejo Falls is located north-northwest of San Lucas, a hamlet in Toledo District; it's to the west-northwest of Punta Gorda.

The best way to get to this waterfall is to first get to Pueblo Viejo, located between Columbia Forest and Aqua Caliente Luha Wild Life Sanctuary. By taking Southern Highway and turning right when the Highway splits, and then taking another right when that road splits, you can head directly into the village. From there, the villagers will be able to help you find the waterfall. If you are in a particularly adventurous mood, once in the village simply look for the river, which will not be hard to find, and see if you can find the waterfall yourself.

Nearby Attractions

Travelers who like waterfalls, and are interested in visiting others, should check out Santa Cruz Falls and Rio Blanco Falls; which are both within traveling distance of this page's falls. Other kinds of local attractions include Uxbenka, which is within traveling range in Toledo District. Furthermore, you can consider making the trip to Hokeb Ha Cave, which is another attraction not far away.

A selection of nearby activities will ensure that you never run low on things to do. The attractions nearest to this particular outdoor site are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Pueblo Viejo Falls
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Uxbenka Historic Site 8.0 mi. (26.9 km) E 16.7 mi. Northwest of Punta Gorda
Hokeb Ha Cave GeoFeature 10.2 mi. (27.1 km) ENE 16.8 mi. Northwest of Punta Gorda
Agua Caliente Luha Wildlife Sanctuary Other Attraction 11.0 mi. (20.4 km) E 12.7 mi. West-Northwest of Punta Gorda
Toledo Botanical Arboretum Other Attraction 12.2 mi. (22.9 km) E 14.2 mi. Northwest of Punta Gorda

More Information

Location: Toledo District, Belize


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