Car Rentals in Belize

Travelers who opt for a rental car can strike out on their own across Belize

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Some travelers consider driving their own hired car the most comfortable way to get around. No waiting on buses or scheduling flights, and no worrying about making change for a taxi driver. If you want to rent a car in Belize, keep the following information in mind.


Roads are known to be rough off of the Northern and Western highways, and gas prices are relatively high. Rental prices, too, are higher than in the U.S. Therefore, renting a car is far from the least expensive of your travel options, though some feel that the convenience is more than worth the cost.

Renting a Car

You will find a mixture of local and international agencies throughout the nation of Belize.

Check out the following table for the rental agencies in this area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
AQ Belize Car Rental (501) 222-5122 5 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway & International Airport - 5.1 mi. (8.1 km) Northwest of Belize City
Avis Ladyville (501) 225-4400 Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport - 8.8 mi. (14.1 km) West-Northwest of Belize City
Barefoot Services (501) 523-3066 Main Street - 0.3 mi. (0.5 km) South of Placencia
Belize VIP Auto Rental (501) 422-2725 0.9 mi. (1.4 km) South West of Corozal
Cayo Auto Rentals (501) 824-2222 81 Benque Viejo Road - San Ignacio
Corozal Cars (501) 422-3339 East Side Highway - Corozal
Crystal Auto Rental (501) 223-1600 5 Miles Northern Highway - 2.2 mi. (3.5 km) Northwest of Belize City
Flames Auto Rental (501) 824-3198 Joseph Andrews Drive - San Ignacio
Hertz Belize City (501) 223-5395 #1 Goldson Lane - Fort George
Hertz Ladyville (501) 225-3300 Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport - Ladyville
Jabiru Auto Rental (501) 610-2454 5576 Princess Margaret Drive - 1.3 mi. (2.0 km) Northwest of Belize City
Matus Car Rentals (501) 824-2005 18 Benque Viejo Road - San Ignacio
Motor Solutions LTD (501) 822-0644 1804 Hummingbird Highway - Belmopan
Pancho's Auto Rental (501) 224-5554 5747 Lizarraga Ave. - 1.4 mi. (2.3 km) Northwest of Belize City
Roam Belize Car Rentals (501) 670-7870 Stann Creek - Placencia Village
Vista Auto Rentals (501) 225-2292 798 Vista Del Mar - 2.1 mi. (3.5 km) West-Northwest of Belize City

The Cost of Renting a Car

To save a bit of money, try to reserve a car before you reach Belize. Not only does this ensure that you will have a vehicle, especially during the tourist season when cars are in higher demand, but it will often garner lower prices on the rental.

Expect to pay approximately $60(USD) to $130(USD) per day for a vehicle. All-terrain vehicles, SUVs, and several other options are available for rent. Larger vehicles designed for off-road conditions are the type of vehicles mainly used in Belize. Some hotels may even offer ATV rentals with a guide for $205(USD) per day. If you will need a vehicle for a week, considering a weekly rental to cut some of the cost.

As you can see, rates can vary widely, depending on the season and type of vehicle. The lowest rates shown only apply to the least costly agencies during the slowest times of the year. The high rates are what you might need to pay at one of the busier agencies during the high season.

Vehicle Rentals, Daily Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Light SUV $ 45.00 $ 126.00
Economy Car $ 47.00 $ 63.00
Pickup Truck $ 59.00 $ 115.00
Mid Size Car $ 65.00 $ 75.00
Standard SUV $ 75.00 $ 128.00
Heavy SUV $ 85.00 $ 145.00
Full Size Van $ 95.00 $ 140.00
Vehicle Rentals, Weekly Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Economy Car $ 294.00 $ 398.00
Light SUV $ 315.00 $ 794.00
Mid Size Car $ 325.00 $ 525.00
Pickup Truck $ 374.00 $ 730.00
Standard SUV $ 425.00 $ 762.00
Heavy SUV $ 510.00 $ 900.00
Full Size Van $ 570.00 $ 875.00

Be aware that your insurance from back home may not cover a rental car in Belize, if for no other reason than local road conditions. Still, insurance is often required by car rental companies and may be added to your rental fees.

Younger drivers may encounter difficulty renting a car. Some companies will rent to drivers 21 and over for an extra surcharge, but others may not rent to anyone younger than 25.

Requirements and restrictions can vary. If you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

Driving in Belize

When driving, keep in mind that there is a fine for traveling without your seatbelt fastened if you are riding in the front seat. And if you are traveling with children, know that it is not required that the child be strapped into a safety seat, but you may want to do so as a precaution. Driving is done on the right hand side of the road, as in the U.S. Also, keep an eye out for “sleeping policemen,” the Belizean nickname for speed bumps.

Service stations in and around Belize are luckily quite abundant. Be sure to check out the table below to better understand your options. the table

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Alistair King Texaco Gas Station (501) 722-2126 1 Front Street - Punta Gorda
Belchina Bridge Gas -- 0.6 mi. (1.0 km) Northwest of Belize City
Buca Service Station (501) 822-3948 Constitution Drive - Belmopan
CP Gas -- 1.2 mi. (2.0 km) Northwest of Belize City
Gas Station 10th Avenue -- Corozal
Paochen Texaco Gas Station (501) 802-0240 1 Forest Drive - Belmopan
Puma Gas Freetown -- 0.9 mi. (1.5 km) Northwest of Belize City
Puma Gas Puma Street -- 1.7 mi. (2.8 km) Northwest of Belize City
Puma Gas Woods -- Downtown Belize City
Ramon Esso Gas -- 1.7 mi. (2.8 km) Northwest of Belize City
Shell Gas Cemetery Road -- 1.0 mi. (1.6 km) West of Belize City
Shell Gas Northern Highway -- 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) Northwest of Belize City
Shell Gas Station Placencia -- 0.8 mi. (1.3 km) South of Placencia
Texaco Corozal -- Corozal
Uno Gas Station -- 1.2 mi. (1.9 km) Northwest of Belize City

On the islands of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, look into golf cart rentals. While cars are unavailable on the islands, golf carts are a great way to get around. When you rent one, ask for a chain and lock to secure the cart. Carts even come equipped with a gauge to tell you when you'll need to return them and recharge them. Best of all, travelers over 18 years of age can rent a four-passenger vehicle for about $10(USD) per hour or $50(USD) per day on Caye Caulker. Rates run a little higher on Ambergris Caye at $70(USD) per day for a four-seater and $105(USD) for a six-seater; half-day rates are also available.

If you think the best way to vacation is with your own set of wheels, look into renting a vehicle in Belize. It's sure to be an adventure.

While many people simply rent their car from whichever airport they land in, you will want to read up on the different options that exist throughout the nation.

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