Vegetarian Cuisine in Belize

While exploring Belize, expect to be overwhelmed by the tempting spread of restaurants, cafes, and places with delicious cocktails. Those who adore vegetarian cuisine particularly will definitely want to check out the various establishments that do it best. Across Belize, visitors will find a respectable number of options that feature this cuisine.


With options including everything from the informal destination known as Wild Mangos to the lovely breakfast, brunch and lunch at Mesa Cafe, you are sure to find something worth sending a postcard about.

Take a moment to scan and read details about the fairly full set of options that satisfy cravings for vegetarian cuisine. See one that catches your eye? Click its name to see more important info about its ambiance, specialties, and nearby things to do.

Mama Caribe

Ambergris Caye | (800) 316-4229

Mama Caribe, a part of Captain Morgan's Retreat, is a popular choice for vacationers thinking about visiting this side of the island; it is three and a half miles (six kilometers) to the northeast of San Pedro. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering vegetarian creations and one favorite, hamburgers, but they're also masters of seafood.

Truly tropical the restaurant has doors that open on to a patio so guests can either sit outside or enjoy the view from inside. The decor inside features a mishmash of patterns, and local artwork, while outside the patio style furniture is comfy and inviting. The atmosphere invites relaxation and fun, with a wide range of entertainment available on different nights of the week.

The Crow's Nest Cafe

Placencia | (501) 620-7320

Situated in the heart of Placencia, The Crow's Nest Cafe is on the same premises as South Water Resort, and is a good choice for people visiting this area of Stann Creek District. Fabulously fresh fish and vegetarian cuisine make for an exciting meal at this fun eatery.

At the Crows Nest, guests are treated to a three course meal every time -- appetizer, main entree, and dessert. Fill up on seafood, meat, or vegetarian options.

Wild Mangos

San Pedro | (501) 226-2859

Positioned in the heart of San Pedro, Wild Mangos is a viable option for travelers who are going to explore this town and the surrounding area. Definitely deemed an informal place to have a meal, it's nice when you're not in the mood to get dolled up.

Consistently delicious and creative, Wild Mangos specializes in using local, organic materials that come from sustainably-minded sources.

Ma Ma Chen Restaurant

Belize City | (501) 223-4568

Located in downtown Belize City, Ma Ma Chen Restaurant is a part of Mama Chen Guest House. Gladly termed an informal type of restaurant, it's easy to see why people love popping in for their food.

Mesa Cafe

San Pedro | (501) 226-3444

Situated in the heart of San Pedro, Mesa Cafe is located at Vilma Linda Plaza, and is a smart choice for people who are going to check out this town and the surrounding area. When it comes to specialty vegetarian cuisine, this local spot is known for its coffee and sandwiches.

The deep blue-violet paint job on the exterior of Mesa Cafe makes it hard to miss, while inside the decor is reminiscent of a bistro.

vegetarian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Doc'ks Tiki Bar & Grill 0.6 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye American, Caribbean, Creole, Cuban, Italian, Latin American, Mexican, Vegetarian --
Gomier’s Restaurant 0.4 mi. Northeast of Central Punta Gorda Belize Vegetarian --
Ma Ma Chen Restaurant Downtown Belize City Belize Asian, Vegan, Vegetarian (501) 223-4568
Mama Caribe 3.7 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye Australian, Eclectic, Vegetarian (800) 316-4229
Mesa Cafe 0.5 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye Contemporary, Vegetarian (501) 226-3444
The Crow's Nest Cafe 0.9 mi. South of Central Placencia Belize Eclectic, Vegetarian (501) 620-7320
Wild Mangos 0.6 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro Ambergris Caye Tex-Mex, Vegan, Vegetarian (501) 226-2859

Similar Food

If your heart's not set on this cuisine in particular, there are more options from this same flavor palette at restaurants like Belly Happy which serves vegan style eats.

Some of the most unique places to try any cuisine in Belize are those you casually come across while walking the streets near your hotel. However, it's still a good idea to learn about dining in a particular region in advance. To learn even more about the culinary options available to you, check out this page.


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