Rio Bravo Conservation and Management

Established in 1988, the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area has accumulated enough land over the years to become the largest terrestrial conservation area in the country that amounts to four percent of all of Belize. On top of this, Rio Bravo is one of the most open conservation areas, and tourists can even stay on property for days or weeks at a time to pitch in and help with conservation efforts.

Set atop the Yucatan Platform, the Rio Bravo is guided by a series of escarpments that are aligned southwest to northeast.

The conservation team surrounding Rio Bravo offer guided tours, jungle walks, and visits of Mayan sites for guests. Tourists can also say at the La Milpa Field Research Station to help with conservation and learn about sustainable living.

Rio Bravo itself features a variety of habitats that include pine forest, broad-leaf forest, marsh forest, and freshwater lagoon. Within these habitats are almost 400 different species of birds, over 70 species of mammals, 230 species of tree, and many more categories of plants and wildlife that have yet to be categorized. It is also important to know that there are more than 60 Mayan sites, most of which remain unexplored.


Rio Bravo Conservation and Management is located 12.3 miles south of La Union, a village in Orange Walk District; it's 30 miles (48 kilometers) to the south west of Orange Walk.

To get to Rio Bravo, you drive for about an hour southeast from Orange Walk. It is also possible to fly to the private airstrip in Gallon Jug.

Nearby Restaurants

Dining possibilities aren't abundant in the area around the nature preserve. The closest place to eat to Rio Bravo Conservation and Management is Bushy's Place, which offers Belizean dishes.

Nearby Attractions

Other types of nearby activities include Blue Creek Cave, which is within traveling distance in Orange Walk District. You might also think about heading over to Lamanai Mayan Archaeological Site, which is another attraction nearby.

With a selection of nearby activities, you'll never run out of ways to stay busy. The closest attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Rio Bravo Conservation and Management
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Blue Creek Cave GeoFeature 11.1 mi. (38.9 km) N 24.2 mi. South West of Orange Walk
Lamanai Mayan Archaeological Site Historic Site 13.9 mi. (30.2 km) ENE 18.8 mi. South of Orange Walk
La Milpa Historic Site 14.9 mi. (54.6 km) NW 33.9 mi. West-Southwest of Orange Walk

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Location: Orange Walk District, Belize


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