Swasey Bladen Forest Reserve

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Since 1990 this pristine natural forest has been a protected area and is considered to be the most important nature reserve in Belize. It is comprised of 100,000 acres of biodiversity that is currently only open to researchers and scientists, though there are hopes of allowing tourism in the near future.

This forest reserve is not landscaped in the slightest. Indeed, it is rugged and natural, encompassing parts of the Maya Mountains, limestone karst, sinkholes, caves, and waterfalls.

Set in the Maya Mountain Corridor, Swasey Bladen Forest Reserve covers several different ecosystems and provides refuge for hundreds of different animal species such as jaguar, harpy eagles, and scarlet macaws. It also plays an important role in watershed to the Monkey River. Of significance importance are the multiple Mayan ruins which have been found on property.


Swasey Bladen Forest Reserve is located 12.2 miles west of Alabama Warf, a town in Stann Creek District; it's to the west of Placencia.

Nearby Restaurants

The neighborhood around the nature preserve isn't exactly well-known for its diversity of meal options, but guests willing to go farther afield just might find a location where they can eat a dish or two. Cardie's Restaurant, which plates up American dishes, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this nature preserve.

Nearby Attractions

Travelers who enjoy wildlife reservations, and are interested in visiting others, might check out Savannah Forest Station at Paynes Creek and Paynes Creek National Park; the first of which is seven and a half miles to the east of this nature preserve. You'll find this nature preserve in a quiet, remote area - without most hotels and other tourist attractions.

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Location: Southern Highway, Toledo District, Belize


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