The Farm Inn

Hidden within the rainforest in the foothills of the Maya Mountains is a nature reserve and resort that attracts those who prefer to be surrounded by trees than towers. Throughout the expansive property, visitors get to experience the best of Southern Belize presented in rivers, waterfalls, hills, and numerous trails to guide you through it all.

With some nice facilities, The Farm Inn might be the perfect fit for vacationers looking to get a bit of sun. Relaxing by the pool is just the thing following a long day out 'n' about.

Located in San Antonio, The Farm Inn is a great choice for travelers interested in staying in this hamlet or nearby. It's northwest of the center of Punta Gorda.


There are four en suite rooms in the inn overlooking a creek, each named after birds commonly seen at The Farm Inn, such as Mot-Mot, Kiskadee and Hummingbird. There are three rooms on the upper floor with shared access to the large sitting room and view veranda. The lower floor has one suite, Montezuma, with a private entrance and large private veranda with hammocks. This suite can be taken as a self-catering unit with a two burner counter top stove in the spacious kitchenette.

In the garden there are also two en suite rooms, Woodpecker and Toucan, both also featuring small kitchenettes for self-catering purposes. Each of these rooms has a lovely garden view and a private veranda with guest parking close by.

The Farm Inn has a grand total of 6 units, so it's no mystery that we classify it as a very small property. Travelers who prefer personalized service over an abundance of space will be delighted by the sheltered setting at these accommodations. This lodge has earned a rating of 3 stars, when it comes to amenities, quality, and service.

A check list of the in-room amenities offered by The Farm Inn include:

  • Toilet
  • Private Bath
  • Kitchenette
  • Sitting Area
  • Shower
  • Double Bed
  • Terrace
  • Twin Bed
  • Hairdryer
  • Queen Bed

If there is an amenity that is particularly important to you, contact the front desk to verify availability.

Activities and Amenities

Among other things, the inn is a working cacao farm of over 3000 cacoa trees, that houses a collection of animals that roam freely on the property. Guests are welcome to tour the farm, and children especially love interacting with the animals.

The 52 acre property was originally a secondary jungle and care has been taken to keep as much of the jungle growth undisturbed as possible to provide refuge for a large variety of bird species and quite a few animal species as well.

Being members of the Toledo Cacao Growers Association, they are committed to organic farming. They have quite a variety of medicinal plants growing around the property. They arrange traditional chocolate making demonstrations on site as well as guided walks where the various trees and their properties are discussed, along with a guided walk through the cacao fields.

They are also members o=f the Belize Audubon Society and welcome bird watchers, accommodating the very early risers with early morning coffee before they set off on walks along their easy trails. A 14 foot bird watching tower provides great views of the canopy birds in the early morning and late afternoon.

Although there is a good new modern road which runs past the property, they are not on the electrical grid and so power is mainly supplied by solar panels, augmented by a generator which is run for short periods to allow for hot water for showering at night and some lights around the property mainly for guest comfort. They also have a swimming pool which runs off solar power.

The following list displays other amenities on this property:

  • Outdoor Parking
  • Wi Fi Internet Access
  • Hiking/Nature Walk

If you're interested in something in particular, it's best to contact the lodging because these details can sometimes change. To learn more information about the types of activities that The Farm Inn has to offer, click here.


The on-site restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with a nice blend of African and Belizean fare, just be aware the reservations are required for dinner. The restaurant is mainly for guests and breakfast is included in the price. Light lunches are available, and dinners are normally cooked outdoors over an open fire. They use fresh healthy ingredients and their prices are reasonable. They have a small kitchen garden to supply the restaurant and all produce is organic. Their layer hens are free range and once they become spent, are humanely retired to live out the rest of their lives doing what chickens love to do most: scratch in the dirt.

In addition to dining options on-site, vacationers looking for extra culinary variety might also want to think about the region's other nearby restaurants. It's worth it to get familiar with the nearby options, even though The Farm Inn offers some tempting choices of their own. To get more information about dining in the surrounding area, click here.

Guest Services

This property's guest services, including the one listed below, could make your trip even more enjoyable.

  • Meal Plan - FAP/Full-board


Guests will find many attractions located within a short distance of The Farm Inn. One nearby place of interest is Tiger Cave, a cave.

One of the nearest notable areas to the lodge is Punta Gorda. When you seek to broaden your horizons, take a day trip to a noteable nearby town to familiarize yourself with new sounds and sights.

To see more about what's near The Farm Inn, click here.

Contact Info

Location: Southern Highway, San Antonio, Belize

Phone: (501) 732-4781

Secondary Phone: (501) 604-4918



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