Tipping and Gratuities in Belize

Tipping in Belize is up to the visitor's discretion 

Photo credit: © Karen Roach | Dreamstime.com

When traveling internationally, you should observe local decorum for tipping the many service professionals you will encounter.

In Belize, restaurants do not add service charges, which frequently replace tipping at other popular vacation destinations. Diners are therefore encouraged to tip servers between 10 percent and 15 percent of the total bill. Waitstaff at smaller, inexpensive restaurants generally expect only 10 percent, but tip more if you receive exceptional service. Tipping should reflect your evaluation of the services received and may fluctuate accordingly.


Upscale hotels and resorts may add a 10 percent service charge to guests' bills. This gratuity goes to the bellhop, maid, and porter who assisted you. Additional tipping is not required. If your bill does not show this surcharge or you feel staffers have gone out of their way to accommodate you, then definitely leave a tip of several dollars to express your gratitude. If you are unsure whether tipping is commonly practiced at your hotel, ask the front desk.

Tour guides ought to be given several dollars as well, though there is no set amount or percentage for proper tipping in these situations. Private tours or special attention may warrant amounts up to 15 percent of the total price, but generally this would be viewed as extremely generous. Taxi drivers do not expect tips for their normal services but if your driver carries your bags or takes you on a guided tour, it is customary to give him or her a few dollars, as well.

Understanding the tipping customs in Belize is important, because they may be different than what you are used to back home.  Make sure to show your appreciation for a job well done with a little monetary reward for the person who is helping you and karma is sure to find a way to repay you.


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