One of five major Mayan sites in the region, Uxbenka is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican urban settlement site, and is the earliest known site of its kind in southern Belize. Although the site has yet to be fully excavated, current findings have concluded that it was originally inhabited by the Peten people between 250 and 500 CE.

What to Expect

Oxbenka, which means "Ancient Place" is a small ceremonial spot of one main plaza at the top of a natural hill and several smaller plazas along the slope and base of the hill. Surrounding the central plaza are six structures and seven carved stellas, as well as 13 that remain uncarved.

Compared to some of the other major ruins in the region, Uxbenka is quite small. The main plaza sits on a ridge overlooking the Blue Creek Canyon.

Staying Close

Those wishing to visit Uxbenka may choose to book their trip in Toledo District, as visitors to this part of Belize will have easy access to this historic attraction during their visit. With just a few accommodations in the community within the vicinity of this historical site, only a little tourist movement can be predicted.

Hotels near Uxbenka
Hotel Type Distance Direction
The Farm Inn Lodge -- --
Sun Creek Lodge Lodge 4.9 mi. (20.9 km) E
Back-a-Bush Guesthouse Guest house -- --
The Lodge At Big Falls Lodge -- --



Operating Hours

Uxbenka is not technically open to tourists at this time, though you may be able to convince a villager to take you on a tour of the area which will results in being able to see the limestone walls, plazas, and a small open tomb.

Contact Information

Location: Toledo District, Belize


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