Weather in Belize

Weather in Belize is sure to include sun, no matter when your travels take you there

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Weather in Belize

One major challenge for vacationers is adjusting to the different climate they'll encounter when visiting Belize. The country is hot and humid for most of the year, with few seasonal breaks or variances and good planning means learning what sort of weather issues to expect.

...relief from the blistering heat...


The temperature in Belize is a major draw for many visitors, who come to this country looking for warm, tropical weather and amazing natural beauty. Certainly these travelers will not be disappointed, as the warmest months may see daily temperatures of more than 95 degrees Fahrenheit along the coastal regions. The interior of the country lacks the cooling Caribbean breezes of the coast, however, and tends to stay between 5 and 10 degrees warmer at all times. In the winter, temperatures drop no lower than about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a pleasant relief from the blistering heat of the summer months. Water temperatures also stay warm, only varying between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Humidity remains fairly consistent and tends to stay at 85 percent. This can be a concern for some vacationers, particularly those who plan to explore the rainforests and other interior sites where the temperature is high. In order to stay safe, travelers should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and be mindful of the clock while outdoors. Try to avoid doing a lot of physical exertion during the noontime hours, which can be particularly hot.


As is the case in much of the Caribbean and Central America, the four traditional seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter are less distinct in Belize. Temperatures do not tend to vary as greatly here as in other parts of the world. The most noticeable differences will be in the amount of rainfall and humidity that the land experiences. Because of the subtlety of these changes, weather patterns here are usually identified as being a part of either the rainy season or it's drier counterpart.

Certain regions in Belize may receive up to 150 inches of rain during the country's long wet season, which lasts from June through December. During this time rain showers frequently occur in violent bursts in the afternoon hours. The most frequent rainfall often occurs in June or early July and is succeeded by a break in late July or August known as the "little dry."

February to May is known as the dry season, and the percentage of days that experience rain is significantly lower than during the rest of the year. Any showers that do occur during this time are generally mild and short-lived.

Hurricane season for the most part coincides with the rainy season. Instances of severe weather are not entirely infrequent although the likelihood of a major storm center directly hitting Belize are not high. Winds and rain are the most common effects of nearby hurricanes and some travelers may decide to avoid visiting during the rainy season altogether to keep from being inconvenienced by inclement weather.

Month Avg. Daily High Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Daily Low Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Monthly Precip. (inches) % Days with Rain
January 79.6 69.9 4.54 40
February 80.5 71.1 2.45 32
March 83.0 73.8 2.04 22
April 85.0 76. 3.19 20
May 87.2 78.6 4.15 21
June 86.6 78.8 8.82 52
July 86.3 78.6 8.48 41
August 86.4 78.3 6.81 43
September 85.9 77.4 9.61 48
October 84.3 75.3 9.66 45
November 82.4 73.1 7.3 41
December 80.3 70.7 6.57 45

Being able to anticipate any possible weather concerns is the first step to planning a great Belize vacation. Once you're aware of the highs and lows - from sunshine to thunderstorm - you're all set to enjoy the getaway of your dreams.


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