Temperatures in Belize

A bit of knowledge regarding the weather patterns in Belize will help you to plan how you want to spend your vacation days. 

In Belize, it is not the temperature that visitors should be concerned with, but the humidity.  High humidity can make a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit feel like 80.  If you plan to spend a day outside participating in physical activity, make sure to check the weather report.  This will allow you to plan if you need to bring extra water, or come as a reminder not to push yourself too hard. Click here to read about clothing to pack for your vacation in Belize.

Consult the chart below regarding monthly high and low averages before planning your trip.  Some travelers prefer to visit in January or February where averages low 70s to low 80s take a bit of the edge off.  Others believe their tropical getaway should be as toasty as possible, and visit between May and August when temperatures are at their highest. 

Average High and Low Temperature
  Monthly Averages
Month High Low
January 80.0° F 70.0° F
February 80.0° F 71.0° F
March 83.0° F 74.0° F
April 85.0° F 76.0° F
May 87.0° F 79.0° F
June 87.0° F 79.0° F
July 86.0° F 79.0° F
August 86.0° F 78.0° F
September 86.0° F 77.0° F
October 84.0° F 75.0° F
November 82.0° F 73.0° F
December 80.0° F 71.0° F
Annual 84.0° F 75.0° F


Consider the chart below when planning your daily activities.  Each column, from early morning until early evening shows the average temperature during that time of day in its corresponding month.  In the last column you will find the overall daily average of each month.  Early morning temperatures are the coolest of the day, making mornings the perfect time to plan a hike, walking tour, or a round of golf.  Early to late afternoon is when the high heat will have you running for the pool or beach.

Average Temperature by Time of Day
  Average Temperatures throughout the Day
Month Early
January 69.0° F 74.0° F 78.9° F 79.2° F 74.7° F 74.0° F
February 69.9° F 76.4° F 80.4° F 80.5° F 76.7° F 75.5° F
March 72.6° F 78.8° F 82.8° F 82.9° F 78.5° F 77.5° F
April 74.6° F 81.9° F 84.9° F 84.5° F 80.4° F 79.7° F
May 77.2° F 84.2° F 87.2° F 86.7° F 82.6° F 82.2° F
June 78.2° F 83.1° F 85.5° F 85.3° F 82.4° F 82.1° F
July 77.7° F 83.3° F 85.6° F 85.1° F 82.6° F 81.9° F
August 77.5° F 83.5° F 85.9° F 85.7° F 82.7° F 82.1° F
September 76.4° F 82.3° F 85.5° F 85.1° F 81.7° F 81.2° F
October 74.6° F 80.3° F 84.1° F 83.4° F 79.7° F 79.3° F
November 72.1° F 78.0° F 82.2° F 81.7° F 77.4° F 76.8° F
December 70.3° F 75.9° F 80.4° F 80.3° F 75.9° F 75.3° F
Annual 74.3° F 80.2° F 83.6° F 83.4° F 79.6° F 79.0° F



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