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Bermuda's top-notch accommodations will keep you coming time and again

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Travelers to Bermuda can expect to find a wide range of hospitable accommodation options, from high-class resorts to rental cabins. However, visitors won't find campgrounds or all-inclusive resorts on the islan


When choosing accommodations on Bermuda, most vacationers look first at location, wanting to choose a hotel in the area of the island that they will be spending the majority of their time – whether site seeing or participating in certain activities that are popular in that particular city.

Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda, and also home to the island's main port.  There are a number of parks and government buildings in this city, but not very many hotels.  There are a number of hotels in the Parish that Hamilton is located in, Pembroke Parish, so vacationers who want to visit this area can still find accommodations within a short distance.  Some of these accommodations include Rosedon and Royal Palms Hotel.

Sandys Parish, on the northwest coast, is known for being home to the Royal Naval Dockyard, and there are also several islands located within the parish.  The Royal Naval Dockyard is a popular attraction among tourists, where many of the buildings have been turned into shops. This is also the home of the Bermuda Maritime Museum.  A few hotels in Sandys Parish include 9 Beaches Resort and Cambridge Beaches Resort.

St. George's is the largest settlement on the island, though not officially incorporated as a city.  The entire town is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so history buffs will enjoy exploring the city.  The town is known for its beaches, museums, and forts.  St. George's Club is located in St. George's. 

If you plan to book your stay through an on-line travel site, make sure you double check the location of your desired hotel.  Often times these vendors will list a hotel as being located in a large city, when in fact it is several miles away. 

Personal Considerations

Choosing your accommodations on Bermuda require that you take a number of different concerns into consideration.  For some people, it is most important that they can find a place to accommodate a large party, while others might worry about finding some place to stay for a long period of time. 

Party Size

Your groups size, and the type of vacation you're hoping to have, plays a role in the type of lodgings you will choose.  If you're traveling solo, you simply choose what sounds appealing to you, but if you have a large group to house, you will have to think about what everyone will enjoy.  Larger groups might be more comfortable in a villa rental, or at a hotel that specializes in suites.  If you are planning a trip for you and a group a friends, and plan to get wild, you may look out for an adults only resort, like the aforementioned Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa.  Couples looking for a romantic getaway, on the other hand, may choose a small bed and breakfast or inn, such as Greene's Guest House.


Based on your interests, you may be able to find the perfect hotel for you.  We have an entire list of Best Hotels For particular subjects, like family vacations and dining options.  But it also takes your favorite activities like tennis, swimming, and nightlife into account.  For example, our Best Hotels for Tennis on Bermuda list shows Pampano Beach Club, Elbow Beach Club Resort, and Fairmont Southampton each has having four tennis courts on property.

Length of Stay

If you're planning an extended trip to Bermuda, you'll probably want to find lodgings that feels more like home than a hotel.  Rental properties with kitchens and large living spaces will offer this to guests.  However, if your trip is a shorter one, you may prefer the pampering of a hotel.


Staying on Bermuda is not cheap. The cost of living is high on the island, and this is reflected in accommodation costs. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find a hotel for under $100(USD) per night. A government tax of 7.25 percent is added to all room bills. Hotels add a service charge of 10 to 15 percent to the bill in lieu of guest tipping. Also, hotels add an extra charge if a room houses three people. The rate for this third person is lower than the cost for the first two guests. Fees for children are assessed by the child's age.

As you review the hotels based upon their Star Ratings, keep in mind that these ratings are generated independently of the cost of the hotel.  This means you may be able to find a number of options in a variety of ratings within your budget

One and Two Stars

Not everyone wants to be pampered on vacation.  Some people just want a place to put their things, and to fall asleep at night, after they have spent a full day out exploring the island.  If this sounds like you, or you are on a budget, a 0 to 1 Star property might be for you.  Some 1 Star Properties on Bermuda are Granaway Guest House and Cottages and Windsong.  The prices of these lodgings are in the $125 to 325(USD) range.

If you want something a little bit better than the lowest rated properties on Bermuda, be on the look out for places rated with 2 Stars.  These places may not have the top of the line amenities, but they get the job done, offering a nice place to sleep at night, and a pretty competent staff.  Bermuda's 2 Star hotels include the Oxford House and Dawkins Manor, for between $200 and $400(USD).

Three Stars

Three Star accommodations are a great option.  These locales are often inexpensive enough that even those on a budget can enjoy a little bit of luxury during their stay.  They usually cost around $200 to $800(USD).  Check out Aunt Nea's Inn, Surf Side Beach Club, and Wharf Executive Suites Hotel.

Four Stars

Four Star properties may not be the best of the best quite yet, but they are on their way.  Guests who stay at a 4 Star are given every opportunity to indulge themselves in pampering.  Vacationers can expect comfortable linens, high-end décor, and excellent service at locations such as Pompano Beach Club and Carol Beach & Tennis Club for around $300 to $1100(USD).

Five Stars

You're on vacation, so why not treat yourself?  Five Star properties on Bermuda are the perfect way to do this, though it likely won't come without a hefty price tag.  Five Star resorts on Bermuda often cost between $400 and $3,000(USD), but come with such perks as private spa treatments, nightly turn down services, and access to on-site golf courses.  Elbow Beach Club Resort and Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa are just two of the 5 Star rated properties on the island.

Once you know the parameters of booking your Bermuda accommodations, all you have to do is sit back and relax in the lodging of your choice on this beautiful island.


Cambridge Beaches Resort

Bermuda has accommodation possibilities that will appeal to almost every type of visitor. Pick from low-cost accommodations, luxury resorts, and lots more in between. Travelers wanting to enjoy a lively nightlife scene will encounter precisely that at many hotels around Bermuda. Click on the links to read further info.

A popular vacation destination which has on-site recreation is Fairmont Southampton. The Fairmont Southampton offers rooms and suites in a variety of floor plans, sleep accommodations, vistas, and amenities. From their Moderate Room to the Penthouse Suite, and everything in between, guests can choose the room and view that suits their lifestyle and budget. Guests will find them at 101 South Shore Road.

Visitors who are in search of good on-site dining might want to check out Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Affectionately known by locals as the “Pink Palace”, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a Bermudian landmark that caters to business travelers and tourists. The namesake and inspiration for the hotel, Princess Louise, was the daughter of Queen Elizabeth. They are located at 76 Pitts Bay Road.

Travelers in search of good on-site dining opportunities might want to look into Elbow Beach Club Resort. The Elbow Beach Club Resort, on Bermuda's South Shore, is nestled among 50 acres of lush gardens and fronted by magnificent pink sand beaches. Since 1908, the resort has been one of the mainstays of the Bermuda tourism industry, and has undergone modern renovations while retaining the classic charm of the period. Visitors can find them at 60 South Shore Road.

Fortunately, there are additional options too. To reach our detailed guide to hotels on the island, follow this link.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Clear View Suites & Cottages

You'll be able to find non-hotel booking options on the island, including a good selection of condos and a selection of villa complexes.

For vacationers looking to enjoy a lively bar and club scene, Clear View Suites & Cottages is one spot you may want to consider. The suites and villas at Clear View are named for the flora of Bermuda, including Hibiscus, Geranium, Orchid, Periwinkle, Rose, Sunflower, Poinciana, and Oleander. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (411) 293-0484.

Brightside Guest Apartments is a property worth considering on Bermuda. An affordable option for guests looking for something on the less expensive side, Brightside Guest Apartments is located in Flatts Village in East Bermuda and offers a viable alternative to those high-priced luxury resorts. The property can be found at 38 North Shore Road.

Sandpiper Guest Apartments: Situated on the lovely South Shore in Warwick Parish, Sandpiper Guest Apartments provides guests with a dream location. Get away from it all by vowing never to leave the luxurious property, or get out and explore the island -- the capital city of Hamilton is just moments away. They are located on South Shore Road.

Bermuda has other villa complexes. For a more comprehensive look at this specific topic, navigate to this page about villa complexes on the island.

Individual Villas

Certain people would rather have the privacy offered by one of the many individual villa rentals. Navigate here to find our article about rental properties on Bermuda.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Rosewood Tucker's Point

Some people love the advantages of paying for everything on a single bill. There are several explanations for their appeal. For instance, they make it easy to know the full cost of your vacation in advance.

Tennis enthusiasts will enjoy booking their stay at Rosewood Tucker's Point, as they have some good tennis facilities. Rosewood Tucker's Point has 88 rooms and suites for occupancy and 11 distinct types of rooms. Regardless of the design, each room/ suite features luxurious touches including elegant furniture, artwork, five-fixture bathrooms, deep-soaking tubs, marble shower, and stone and wood finishing throughout. Room/ Suite types You will be able to find them at 60 Tucker’s Point Drive.

One destination located on the ocean worth considering is The Reefs. Small and traditional, The Reefs is a beautiful resort nestled on a limestone cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Travelers seeking privacy and luxury will delight in the superb service and first class amenities this resort has to offer. You will be able to find them at 56 South Shore Road.

Anyone needing to find out about more concerning properties offering all inclusive pricing, see this page.


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