Best Accommodations for Dining on Bermuda

Hotels on Bermuda Known for Great Dining

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The unique ingredients and flavors you experience on vacation can make your trip even more memorable. As you might suspect, there are numerous exciting dining opportunities on Bermuda. No matter where you stay, you can try both traditional and modern takes on the local cuisine.

The resorts and hotels discussed below are great options if you consider food as important as anything else. Many of them are known for their wonderful on-site restaurants, while some are found in areas where restaurants are abundant and diverse.

Hotels on Bermuda with the Best Dining

Regardless of how much you explore local restaurants, you'll probably find yourself eating a lot of meals at your hotel. That may mean narrowing your search to properties that have high-rated and plentiful food and beverage amenities. Not only is it convenient to eat at your hotel, but many are known for their award-winning food and service, attracting locals as well as guests from other hotel properties.

The following properties are ranked based on their amenities and options, like how convenient they are to a range of dining choices and their on-site full service restaurants.

Properties on Bermuda for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Rosemont Apartments Hamilton
Edgehill Manor Guest House Hamilton
The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club Hamilton
Mazarine by the Sea Hamilton
The Oxford House Hamilton

Ranking at #1, awarded for having some of the country's best-loved on-site dining, is Rosemont Apartments, so those staying at or near the hotel should plan to take full advantage of the meals served there. <p>For a more economical trip to Bermuda, facilities at the hotel make it easy to cook and dine in.</p>

To learn more about any of the accommodations listed below, click its name to continue reading articles that divulge every detail about the property — because before you book your stay, you want to compare all the aspects at multiple hotels.

Best Hotels on Bermuda for Nearby Restaurants

You might also want to consider the proximity of your hotel to nearby restaurants. Even if you love the food at your hotel, it's always a good idea to pop into the unique restaurants located elsewhere on Bermuda, particularly if your visit is for more than a few days.

Below are properties ranked by how close they are to a big selection of local restaurants.

Best Properties on Bermuda for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Rosedon Hotel Hamilton
Erith Guest House Paget Parish
Royal Palms Hotel Hamilton
Windsong Hamilton
Fordham Hall Hamilton

Whichever accommodations you choose, remember that a lot of Bermuda's most popular restaurants are located inside hotels, so your most memorable dining experience may occur at the hotel next door. Click on any of these hotels, and you'll see further details, photos, and facts about it, as well as the type of food found in the neighborhood.


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