Best Accommodations for Dining on Bermuda

Hotels on Bermuda Known for Great Dining

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Sometimes vacations are about trying new dishes and having more variety than at home. Bermuda offers so much diversity that it'll be hard to choose between all their dining destinations. Wherever you go you'll find restaurants big and small, classic and modern, but always with that special local twist.

The hotels discussed below are the best places to stay when dining is considered a priority. Some have amazing on-site restaurant selection, and some are situated in neighborhoods with tons of off-property options.

Bermuda's Best Hotels for Dining Options

No matter how much you plan to try local restaurants, you will likely find yourself eating many meals at your hotel. That may mean narrowing your search to properties that have high-rated and plentiful food and beverage amenities. Guests shouldn't worry about sacrificing taste for convenience, since many hotels serve outstanding food, making on-site dining a tempting option.

The following properties were chosen with many considerations in mind, such as room service, snack bars, and of course their full-scale restaurants.

Properties on Bermuda for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Rosemont Apartments Hamilton
Edgehill Manor Guest House Hamilton
The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club Hamilton
Mazarine by the Sea Hamilton
The Oxford House Hamilton

Deserving special mention for its fantastic on-site dining is Rosemont Apartments, where visitors who book their stays at the hotel will really enjoy sampling all they have to offer. <p>For a more economical trip to Bermuda, facilities at the hotel make it easy to cook and dine in.</p>

To learn all the important details about the property that sticks out to you, click its name to continue reading articles that divulge every detail about the property — because even if you love their on-site dining, there's so much more to consider.

Bermuda's Best Hotels for Nearby Dining

Another factor to consider is the proximity of your hotel to nearby restaurants. Even if the food at your hotel is terrific, you're also urged to consider the unique restaurants elsewhere in town, particularly if you're vacationing for more than a few days.

Below you'll find properties chosen by how closely they're located to clusters of local restaurants.

Best Properties on Bermuda for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Rosedon Hotel Hamilton
Erith Guest House Paget Parish
Royal Palms Hotel Hamilton
Windsong Hamilton
Fordham Hall Hamilton

Regardless of where you stay, keep in mind that many of Bermuda's best restaurants are located within hotels, so the culinary highlight of your vacation may occur at a hotel down the road from where you're staying. By clicking the name of any hotel, you'll be able to see photos and detailed info about each property, in addition to all the food-related amenities that matter to you.


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