Activities on Bermuda

Bermuda packs several activities into its relatively small 22 square miles

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Bermuda may be small, but this little island is packed with plenty of exciting activities.

Active vacationers will discover that there are so many things to do, they may not be able to fit them all in one trip. Golf, fishing, snorkeling, and diving are among the island's most popular activities. So depending on the type of vacation adventures you seek, Bermuda has something to offer almost everyone.

Bike and Scooter Rental

If you are considering riding in the open air, you will find a variety of different places that can help you. Anyone who needs to get more details about this topic can do so by following this link.


Bermuda Diving

...three reefs bordering Bermuda's coast...


The clear blue waters bordering Bermuda are full of captivating creatures and relics from shipwrecks. You can take a peek into this amazing underwater world by making snorkeling and scuba diving one of your island outings. The marine life of the Atlantic Ocean is very diverse, and scuba diving and snorkeling lets you get close to various exotic fish and other colorful sea life. Although it is not recommended, some snorkelers and divers even allow the fish to eat out of their hands.

You'll find 5 dive services and at least 12 interesting dive sites in the area. To visit our guide to diving in this area, click this link.

Events and Festivals

What better way to get to experience Bermuda's culture than in a party atmosphere? Local events and festivals are filled with fun and excitement, as well as opportunities to hear local music, sample local cuisine, and browse local crafts. Events and festivals on the island are quite varied, ranging from heritage festivals like Bermuda Day to music festivals, sporting events, culinary fairs, and numerous street parties. Read more about Bermuda's festivals by clicking here.


Early Bird Charters

In Bermuda, there are three categories of fishing: reef fishing, deep-sea fishing, and fishing from the shore. Game fishermen will find the largest sea quarry, like the blue marlin, swim in deeper waters. Near the coral reefs that surround the island, anglers can fish for challenging saltwater game fish such as the snapper and barracuda, which will test the skills of even the most seasoned fisherman. There are three reefs bordering Bermuda's coast. Two of the coral reefs are close to shore while the third is located as far as 30 miles off of the coast. For land-loving vacationers who still want to get in on some fishing action, shore fishing is the way to go. You can cast off from one of the many docks and harbors on Bermuda. Fishing off of the docks won't bring you large catches, but shore fishermen can still hook medium-sized fish.

If there are some avid anglers vacationing with you, they'll be pleased to know there are 10 charter fishing services in this area. For more details about this specific topic, visit this page, about deep sea fishing in this area.


Bermuda Golf

The greens on the island of Bermuda are unlike any other golf courses in the world. Golfing on Bermuda is a pastime enjoyed by many vacationers visiting the island. The courses are designed to be short yet challenging, so even the most experienced golfer will be able to test his or her skills. Another unique feature of the golf courses on Bermuda is that the ground they're built on is firmer than most other courses. Some golfers may have to adjust their style of play for this kind of terrain. Also, Bermuda is a hilly island, so many of the golf courses have elevated areas, which may also affect how the game is played.

There are a number of great courses on Bermuda where golfers can practice their swings. Some of the courses on the island are private and can only be accessed by members of the golf club and their guests. These exclusive golf facilities are often frequented by celebrities and other elite golfers. Bermuda also has a number of top-notch public and government courses on the island, so you don't have to be among the rich and famous to enjoy quality golf on Bermuda.

Plenty of golfers frequent the area, as suggested by the existence of 7 different golf courses. The area courses include Tucker's Point, Mid Ocean Golf Club, and Belmont Hills Golf Club. Click on the course name to read a detailed article concerning the course, including the location, number of holes, and a lot more. To read about other golfing throughout the Caribbean, go to this article.

Sailing and Boating

Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures

The chart right below enables you to get some details on area firms that can help you enjoy some time on the water.

Boating Opportunities On Bermuda
Name Phone Location
Andrea Christine Charters (441) 537-6614 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Aquatic Bermuda (441) 236-2200 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Blue Hole Water Sports (441) 293-2915 0.9 mi. South West of Central Henrys Hill
Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures (441) 747-2204 3.2 mi. Northwest of Central Hamilton
H2O Sports (441) 234-3082 4.6 mi. West of Central Hamilton
Hattrick Charters (441) 335-5077 Somerset Village
Jessie James Cruises (441) 335-1072 Downtown Hamilton
Ocean Breeze (441) 334-9846 St. George's Parish
Sail Bermuda (441) 737-2993 Downtown Hamilton
Spirit Of Bermuda (441) 334-7245 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton

If you're interested in reading about local marinas and charter options click here.


Horton's: The Original Bermuda Black Rum Cakes

Some of the best shopping on Bermuda is to be had in St. George, West End, and Hamilton. Each city has a little something different to offer tourists in search of the best souvenirs. St. George is filled with boutiques selling the best luxury goods; West End is where you want to go for locally made goods; and Hamilton has a nice mixture of both. If you can make it to Hamilton on Wednesday night, this is when the city hosts Hamilton Harbour Nights. Shopping is made more fun during Harbour Nights with live entertainment, and food and crafts booths.

If there are some people who enjoy exploring new shops traveling with you, they might want to know that there are at least 82 retailers in this area. To see our complete page about shopping on Bermuda, visit this page.


Bermuda Maritime Museum

Sightseeing is another great option for visitors to Bermuda. Sights in the area include 22 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to vacationers. Vacationers who enjoy natural surroundings will typically enjoy visiting the area's outdoor parks and botanical gardens. To find out about other area sightseeing attractions, go to this article.

The following table enables you to learn some key facts concerning a firm that will guide you to some of the most interesting local sights.

Sightseeing Services On Bermuda
Name Phone Location
Destiny Water Tours (441) 292-7103 Par-la-Ville Park, Northeastern part of Bermuda
Fantasea Tours (441) 236-1300 3.2 mi. Northwest of Central Hamilton
Segway Tours Bermuda (441) 236-1300 3.3 mi. Northwest of Central Hamilton
Unique Vacations (441) 331-8687 2.3 mi. South West of Central Hamilton


Bermuda Snorkeling

If you love to snorkel you'll be pleased to know you can easily find places to do so in the waters surrounding Bermuda. Take advantage of this page about snorkeling if you'd like to discover additional information.


Bermuda Spas

Indulging in a trip to the spa could be one of the highlights of your entire vacation. Spa-goers will find plenty of options, considering that there are 5 different spas in this area. Anyone who needs to learn more about this topic can do so by visiting this page.


Fairmont Southampton Bermuda Resort

If you'd like to play some tennis during your visit you might want to make your reservations at a hotel that has a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 7 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The table below highlights some key facts. At a glance, you'll see the number of courts on-site, whether lights are available for evening play, and some other details. Click on the names to read more details concerning the property.

Accommodations with Tennis On Bermuda
Property Location Island Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Fairmont Southampton Bermuda Resort 3.8 mi. South West of Central Hamilton Bermuda 4 check
Elbow Beach Club Resort 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda 5 check
Rosewood Tucker's Point 1.0 mi. South of Central Castle Harbour Bermuda 4 check check
Grotto Bay Beach Resort 0.5 mi. West of Central Castle Harbour St. David's Island 4 check
Pompano Beach Club 5.8 mi. West-Southwest of Central Hamilton Bermuda 4 check
Coral Beach & Tennis Club 1.6 mi. South of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda 8
The Mid Ocean Club 1.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Castle Harbour Bermuda 2 check check

For instance, Fairmont Southampton Bermuda Resort offers the option of playing after the lights come on, in the cool of the evening.

Other Activities

Glance through the following table for details on other activities.

Other Activities On Bermuda
Name Type Phone Location
24 Hour Fitness Gym Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 293-7479 Hamilton Parish, Central Bermuda
Athletic Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 295-6140 Downtown Hamilton
Bailey's Bay Cricket Club Sporting Event Venue (441) 293-8064 0.5 mi. North of Central Henrys Hill
Bermuda Water Ski Center Watersports Operator (441) 234-3354 1.5 mi. South of Central Somerset Village
Body By Design Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 293-3714 0.9 mi. South West of Central Henrys Hill
Cb Wholesale & Dive Watersports Equipment Shop (441) 292-3839 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Court House Squash & Wellness Central Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 292-8357 Downtown Hamilton
Court House Squash & Wellness West Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 295-3008 0.4 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Hamilton
Dolphin Quest Bermuda Dolphin Encounter Service (441) 234-4464 3.3 mi. Northeast of Central Somerset Island
Fitness Center at the Loren Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 293-1666 1.9 mi. South of Central Henrys Hill
K.S. Watersports Hamilton Watersports Operator (441) 238-4155 0.5 mi. South West of Downtown Hamilton
K.S. Watersports Hamilton Watersports Operator (441) 232-4155 0.5 mi. South West of Downtown Hamilton
K.S. Watersports St. George's Watersports Operator (441) 238-4155 0.1 mi. South of Central St. George
Liberty Theatre Movie Theater (441) 292-7296 Downtown Hamilton
Lotus Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 296-5900 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Mangoes Gym & Fitness Centre Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 234-6912 Somerset Village
Marine Locker Watersports Equipment Shop (441) 295-9950 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Neptune Cinema Movie Theater (441) 292-7296 3.3 mi. Northwest of Central Hamilton
Ruth Seaton James Center For The Performing Arts Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers 441-296-5278 Ext. Technical Coordinator Ext. (2152) 1.7 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Hamilton
Seaview Health Ultimate Fitness Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 292-7266 1.7 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Hamilton
Specialty Cinema & Grill Movie Theater (441) 292-2135 Downtown Hamilton
The Olympic Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 292-4095 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
Warwick Lanes Bowling Center (441) 236-5290 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Hamilton
Yoga Centre Fitness Centers and Instructors (441) 295-7525 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton

Vacationers visit Bermuda for many reasons: the beaches, shopping, historic sites, and much more, and the variety of activities on the island will add a little spice to your vacation. So if you're an active traveler, Bermuda is the perfect vacation spot for you.


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