Renting a Bike or Scooter on Bermuda

Renting a bike can help trail-blazing travelers find more fun on their Bermuda vacation

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Bermuda is not as urbanized and congested as other islands, which makes it an ideal place to use bicycles and mopeds to get around. Several agencies throughout the island will rent bikes or motor scooters to vacationers for extremely affordable rates.

Because Bermuda was colonized by the British, many visitors will have to adjust to driving on the left side on the road, but road rules are otherwise similar to many Western countries. Road conditions are good, and speed limits are low (most around 20 mph) everywhere on the island, making bikes ideal for exploring scenic, out-of-the-way areas.


A word on island lingo: vacationers should beware that a "bike" to a Bermudian may mean a scooter or moped, while the term bicycle remains the same.

The Options

If you are thinking about exploring the area in the open air you will find multiple different businesses that can help.

If you want to go riding, you might want to check with Oleander Cycles Hamilton. Each scooter rental include delivery and pick up, lock, carrying basket, helmets, breakdown services, and third party insurance. They are located in downtown Hamilton.

A second option is Smatt's Cycle Livery. When you want a name you can trust, Smatt's Cycle Livery is it. They've been in operation for over 60 years, and are especially known for their repeat customers. They can be reached at (441) 295-1180.

Still another option is St. George's Cycle Livery. Smatt's Cycle Livery has been a leader in bicycle and scooter rentals on Bermuda for over 60 years. There are several locations throughout the island, like this one in St. George's, and even if there isn't a shop close by, they'll come to you. found within St. David's Island. They're

Take a moment to read this table to read more about area rental agencies.

Bike and Moped Rental On Bermuda
Name Phone Location
Elbow Beach Cycles (441) 296-2300 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Hamilton
Eve Cycles BDA (441) 293-6188 2.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central Henrys Hill
Eve Cycles Paget (441) 236-6247 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Hamilton
Eve Cycles St. Georges (441) 236-0839 St. George, Northeastern part of Bermuda
Oleander Cycles Hamilton (441) 295-0919 Downtown Hamilton
Oleander Cycles St. George (441) 234-2764 St. George, Northeastern part of Bermuda
Smatt's Cycle Livery (441) 295-1180 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton
St. George's Cycle Livery (441) 236-0839 St. David's Island

Often, hotels and resorts can recommend a reliable rental agency, or a concierge may even make the reservations for you. The Bermuda Department of Tourism (292-0023) also makes recommendations and have listings of all gas station locations. A basic competency test may be required prior to renting a scooter. Children under 16 may not operate motor scooters, and safety gear is required by law for all riders.

In larger cities, such as Hamilton, vacationers are discouraged from operating motor scooters or mopeds in the busy streets, at least until they have had an opportunity to become acquainted with the flow of traffic. Bermudian drivers are very courteous, but it is easy for visitors to get confused in unfamiliar traffic patterns and driving customs. Many roads have twists and turns so drivers should exercise extreme caution.

Bikes, scooters and mopeds are excellent ways to see the island as well as some remote areas, offering vacationers a unique opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and famous scenery. Reasonable rates make two-wheeling adventures available to almost everyone, and excursions through the Bermuda countryside can be even more fun and independent on a bike or moped.


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