Buses on Bermuda

Hopping buses on Bermuda is simple and affordable

Photo credit: © Brian Rosen

Bus service is widely available throughout Bermuda and many visitors find it a convenient way to navigate the area. Fares are considerably less expensive than taxis, and an abundance of routes helps connect passengers to all parts of the island.

Bus Routes

Buses can be easily identified by their pink and blue exterior. A ride costs between $3(USD) and $4.50(USD) depending on the route and distance. Riders pay with coins only as paper money is not accepted. Tokens, available at various locations, are an economical way of paying for travel as they are also valid on ferries. Bus transfers are also available. Exact fares should be given to the driver as change will not be rendered.

Poles painted either pink or blue indicate the bus stops. Pink indicates the bus is heading into Hamilton; blue poles show that buses are heading away from the city, but will only stop if passengers present themselves. Buses are considered safe. Eleven routes serve nearly every area of the island. All routes originate from the central bus terminal in Hamilton and most run from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Note though, that during the week some routes run even later, including the popular Route 11, which runs until 11:45pm. Because locals also rely on buses, they can be very crowded during the hours before and after the work day. Crowding also is evident when cruise ships are in port.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Route 11 to St. George's Via North Shore Hamilton Bus Station Bermuda Aquarium Bus Stop, Perfumery Bus Stop, St. George's Bus Terminal
Route 1 to St. Goerge's Hamilton Bus Station John Smith Bus Stop, Mid Ocean Club Bus Stop, Tucker's Point Bus Stop, Grotto Bay Bus Stop, Hospital Bus Stop St. George's Bus Terminal
Route 4 to Spanish Point Hamilton Bus Station Spanish Point Bus Stop
Route 6 to LF Wade International St. George's Bus Terminal LF Wade Bus Stop
Route 8 to Dockyard Hamilton Bus Station Somerset Bus Stop, Barnes Corner Bus Stop, Cobbs Hill Bus Stop, Cedar Hill Bus Stop, Dockyard Bus Stop

Buzzers are available and should be used to notify the driver of your intended stop. It is important for riders to note that buses stop only if a passenger has requested the stop or if there are people waiting. If you are unsure about where you'll need to get off, tell the bus driver your destination when you board. They usually do not mind calling out stops upon arrival.

For more information about schedules and routes please refer to Bermuda's Public Transportation Board online or by telephone at (441) 292-3851.


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