Church Bay

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Most of the crowd at Church Bay are attracted by the colorful line of coral cliffs along the waters edge. The beach itself is small and somewhat rocky, though there are spaces to enjoy the area's pink sand. The complex composition of the reefs provides a great habitat for a wide variety of marine life, so remember to bring your flippers and watch the colors flow through the waters.

Located in Southampton Parish, 2.2 miles southeast of Hog Bay, Church Bay is on the South West edge of Bermuda. You should think about stopping by even if you aren't staying in the vicinity. Vacationers who want their beach to have a little bit of everything——a hint of seclusion, with a somewhat social scene—— might enjoy stopping by Church Bay for a few hours. Generally, it's not an overly popular part of the coast, but it also doesn't completely lack a social atmosphere.

How to Access The Beach
The beach is accessible by foot and car via a turnoff on South Road leading into the Church Bay Park. The area is public and is available from sunrise to sunset everyday.

Amenities and Ambiance

Church Bay is a rather small piece of beach on Bermuda's south shore. Its deep pink sands are a unique site that appeals to sunbathers, while a line of offshore reefs make this beach a remarkable swimming and snorkeling area. Dramatic rock formations fill out the eastern side of the beach area, while various trees and tropical shrubbery, leading into the Church Bay Park, make up the entrance.

If you're suddenly hungry or thirsty, the concession stand at Church Bay is the ultimate convenience. You may also have the option to try local specialties from one of the mobile vendors who operate at or near this spot.

If you're thinking about eating lunch here, consider that their picnic tables make it even easier.

You will be able to use a public restroom at Church Bay. The water here is fit for snorkeling, so grab your gear if you want to do some underwater exploration. This small beach can get very crowded during Bermuda's prime beach season. Most of the people go to swim or snorkle in the waters because of the fantastic marine life, so bring your snorkle.

Church Bay plus its conveniences are of course found well within a relatively urbanized region. Unless you do not mind crowds, it's a decent cause to make plans to visit for times when there are less people, perhaps having your beach visit before the sun it at its hottest. Or it's possible you may miss the chance to fully enjoy all the services that the beach has for its guests.

What's Nearby


Beachgoers will find Church Bay on the South West coast of Bermuda. It's located near Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, which is within a distance that tourists could probably walk or take a cab to, and it is one of a number of attractions in the area.

If you're interested in mixing culture with your visit to the beach, you should consider a trip to Bermuda Historical Society Museum. It's not far from the shores at Church Bay, so it could be a welcomed alternative to hot afternoon activities.

Beaches are one type of attraction you can visit, but there will be more options available on Bermuda. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near Church Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Lighthouse 0.8 mi. ENE Bermuda
Bermuda Golf Academy Golf Course 1.0 mi. WNW Bermuda
Turtle Hill Golf Club at The Fairmont Southampton Golf Course 1.1 mi. E Bermuda
Whale Bay Fort Historical Site 1.6 mi. WNW Bermuda
Port Royal Golf Course Golf Course 1.8 mi. WNW Bermuda
Stirling's Of Bermuda Art Gallery 2.5 mi. NE Bermuda
Fort Scaur Historical Site 2.9 mi. NW Bermuda
Belmont Hills Golf Club Golf Course 3.3 mi. NE Bermuda
Bermuda Historical Society Museum Museum 4.7 mi. NE Bermuda
Picturesque Gallery Art Gallery 4.7 mi. NE Bermuda
Crisson & Hind Fine Art Gallery Art Gallery 4.7 mi. NE Bermuda
Bermuda National Gallery Art Museum 4.8 mi. NE Bermuda

Cities and Towns

Church Bay guests looking for a little additional excitement will want to consider checking out Somerset Village, because it's in the vicinity and is a particularly bustling part of Bermuda.


How many other people you encounter at Church Bay will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. At this beach, you can expect to see a fair amount of other guests who are staying close by.

Since this beach is in a relatively touristed area, it is not usually all that tough to find exactly the kind of hotel you're looking for nearby. For those wanting to book a place that's near the water, the table below shows the closest options to Church Bay.

Accommodations near Church Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
The Reefs 0.4 mi. E Resort
Greene's Guest House 1.0 mi. WNW B & B
Fairmont Southampton 1.3 mi. E Resort
Pompano Beach Club 2.1 mi. WNW Resort
Longtail Cliffs Apartments 2.7 mi. ENE Hotel
Granaway Guest House & Cottages 3.0 mi. NE Hotel
Watercolours 3.5 mi. NE B & B
Inverurie Executive Suites Hotel 3.7 mi. NE Hotel
Fourways Inn & Cottages 3.7 mi. NE Hotel
Surf Side Beach Club 3.8 mi. ENE Hotel


If during your visit you start getting hungry, this beach has many nearby restaurants, so there's no need to go too far away. One of the closest restaurants is Coconuts. This restaurant has both Caribbean and International cuisines. You'll have the option of walking or taking a cab since it's only a short distance away.

Restaurants closest to this beach are shown below.

Restaurants near Church Bay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Coconuts (441) 238-0222 Caribbean, International Informal 0.4 mi. E
Ocean Echo (441) 238-0222 Caribbean, Contemporary Fine Dining 0.4 mi. E
Henry VIII (441) 238-1977 British Informal 0.7 mi. E
The Dining Room (441) 238-8679 Caribbean, European, International -- 0.8 mi. ENE
Bacci (866) 540-4497 Italian Fine Dining 1.3 mi. E
Jasmine Lounge (866) 540-4497 Eclectic Informal 1.3 mi. E
Ocean Club (866) 540-4497 Caribbean Informal 1.3 mi. E
The Dock (866) 540-4497 Eclectic Informal 1.3 mi. E
The Newport (866) 540-4497 Contemporary Informal 1.3 mi. E
Waterlot Inn (866) 540-4497 Continental Fine Dining 1.3 mi. E
Wickets (866) 540-4497 Eclectic Very Casual 1.3 mi. E
Windows on the Sound (866) 540-4497 Caribbean Informal 1.3 mi. E

Other Beaches

Needless to say, there are other beaches on Bermuda besides Church Bay worth visiting.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Alexandras Beach, found within taxi range of the coast. Still, if you're searching for something a little more active, you might like Horseshoe Bay. It's located a mile and a half to the east.

Another location you may want to try is Warwick Long Bay, located within a short distance. Warwick Long Bay is the perfect island escape for travelers seeking peace and quiet. Set in a pristine natural environment with calm, clear waters and an exquisite coral reef, the area is perfect for exploring and relaxing. There aren't any facilities other than bathrooms, however, so visitors will want to bring all the essentials, including food and drinks.

Of course, there is much more to do besides lounge on the sand on Bermuda, but Church Bay is both a beautiful natural attraction, and a fun hangout spot.


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