Fishing Near Bermuda

Anglers can fish the Atlantic waters around Bermuda for an array of quarry

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While vacationing on Bermuda, anglers can visit some of the most amazing fishing spots in the Atlantic. With all the species of fish found in the waters of the Atlantic, game-fishers can try their luck at hooking a variety of exotic game fish.


You don't need a license to fish Bermuda's waters, but you must be careful about the kind of fish you keep, as the fishing of certain aquatic animals, such as lobster, is regulated. Spear fishing is illegal within one mile of the shore, and only pole spears are allowed (no spear guns). No more than two types of any one fish may be caught by spear fishermen within one 24 hour period.

There are three main types of fishing on Bermuda: deep-sea fishing, shore fishing, and reef fishing. Charter boats will take you to the deeper areas of the ocean, where you can find large game fish, as well as to coral reefs in more remote locations. You may fish from the shores of Bermuda at docks and other near-land fishing holes.

Into the Depths

Bermuda's fishing season starts in April when the waters begin warming up from the cold winter season. Although you can fish the waters off of Bermuda year-round, the best times for fishing are between May and November. Fisherman refer to the months between April and the beginning of June as the spring run, when more yellowfin tuna and wahoo are caught than any other time of year.

As summer grows near and the tropical temperatures warm up, marlin of both the blue and white species, dolphin fish, barracuda, and amberjacks are often brought in by fishermen angling off Bermuda's coasts. Even in the wintertime, the Atlantic yields great fishing opportunities for the avid saltwater fisherman. Other fish species, that call the waters surrounding Bermuda home, are blackfin tuna, grouper, rainbow runner, rockfish, and snapper. In Bermuda, you will have plenty of game fish to choose from in your search for "the big one."


Best Catched by Time of Year
Fall/Winter Wahoo
Yellowfin tuna
Spring/Summer Yellowfin tuna
Blackfin tuna
Blue marlin
White marlin
Almaco Jacks
Rainbow Runners
Mahi mahi

A popular method of fishing in deeper waters is trolling off the side of fishing boats. Charter boats will take you to some of the best fishing spots around the reefs and also provide some fishing equipment for your excursion. The coral at the southwest and northwest ends of the island mark the best places for fishing.

Reef Fishing

Bermuda is surrounded by three different coral reef formations. The farthest reef is called Argus Bank and lies about 30 miles off of Bermuda's shores, while the closest is five miles from the coastline. In the middle is Challenger Bank, which is approximately 12 miles offshore. These spectacular coral reefs are home to a number of exotic fish, including barracuda, tunny, chub, gray snapper, gray triggerfish, coney, yellowtail, and lane snapper. The farther out you go, the bigger the fish you'll find.

Shore Fishing

Along with great deep-sea fishing, Bermuda has some excellent fishing locations just off the coast that are popular among the local fishermen. The docks at Hamilton Harbor and on the island's north shore are prime angling areas where you can catch medium-sized fish. You don't need a permit to fish off of Bermuda's docks.

The main kinds of fish you can expect to hook when fishing off the shore are pompano, bonefish, and snapper. The best spots for fishermen to find sporty bonefish are around Great Whales Bay and Spring Benny's Bay. Fishermen can also find some great fishing holes on Bermuda's south shores.

Bermuda Fishing Charters

The cost of your fishing trip depends on the length of the charter you arrange. Half-day trips cost approximately $650(USD), and full-day trips are about $1,000(USD). These prices generally cover everything except for food and beverages. Check with the captain of your chartered craft about the company's policy on brining your catch back to shore. Some charters will let you take all of your catch, while others will allow you to take back only a percentage or nothing at all, especially if your fish is particularly large. Most charters encourage their patrons to participate in the catch-and-release program, so that fisherman don't contribute to the depletion of the ocean's fish supply. Contact the Bermuda Sport Fishing Association for more information on choosing a fishing charter.

Early Bird Charters

If you like the idea of catching some fish during your vacation, you will find 13 different charter operators that can help make it happen.

If you want to organize a fishing trip, you might want to contact Mako Charters. As you begin researching charter companies for your vacation to Bermuda, you should probably known that Mako Charters is the current Bermuda Blue Marlin record holder. Fishing is what they do best, and having won multiple awards you know you're in good hands. They are located in Hamilton Harbour, in central Bermuda.

Another good option is Baxter's Reef Fishing. Many people agree that the downside to booking a fishing charter on vacation is that you have to wake up very early. Baxter's Reef Fishing is different. You can call them at (441) 234-2963.

A third option is Early Bird Charters. Voted Best of Bermuda in 2016, Early Bird Charters offers you an amazing fishing and boating experience led by Captain Jim West, who has over thirty years of experience. Climb aboard their 42-foot double ender boat, Troubadour, for an experience you won't regret! They're found in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda.

Glance through the table below to learn more about local fishing charters.

Fishing Charters On Bermuda
Name Phone Location Island
A Reel Addiction Charter Fishing (441) 799-9927 Somerset Village, Western part of Bermuda Somerset Island
Atlantic Spray Charters (441) 735-9444 St. George's Island Bermuda
Baxter's Reef Fishing (441) 234-2963 Somerset Village, Western part of Bermuda Somerset Island
Early Bird Charters (441) 516-6498 5.3 mi. Northeast of Central Hamilton Bermuda
Jolly Roger Fishing (441) 705-6559 Flatt's Village, Central Bermuda Bermuda
Mako Charters (441) 295-0835 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
Mattanza Sports Fishing (441) 232-4876 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
Messaround Big Game Fishing (441) 297-8093 St. George's Island Bermuda
Overproof Charter Fishing (441) 335-9850 Somerset Village, Western part of Bermuda Somerset Island
Paradise One Sports Fishing Charters (441) 734-9409 Southampton Parish Bermuda
Playmate Charters (441) 292-7131 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
The Challenger (441) 337-2109 0.5 mi. South of Central Somerset Village Somerset Island
Wound Up Charter Fishing (441) 296-9985 Bermuda Bermuda

The waters of the Atlantic are home to a multitude of fish, including the popular blue marlin, so vacationers are sure to find the waters of Bermuda to be the perfect place to reel in the catch of the day.


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