Leamington Cave

The mesmerizing nature of nature made, underground caves is too much for you to miss out on a chance to explore Learnington Cave on Bermuda.

The sharp crystal formations known as stalagmites and stalactites stretch up from the floor and down from the ceiling in a mesmerizing pattern, and an amber colored rock almost takes the shape of the Statue of Liberty.


Leamington Cave is located in Hamilton Parish, near Castle Harbour; it is 3.3 miles to the south west of St. George.

Learnington Cave is located in Hamilton Parish, not far from Tom Moore's Tavern.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most delightful possibilities while spending a few hours exploring the area could be chowing down on a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of this cave. The most frequented nearby restaurant to Leamington Cave is Tom Moore's Tavern, which offers Continental food. The restaurant is maybe about a few hundred yards away, so check it out and peruse the menu. The Point Restaurant & Terrace and Sur Mer offer additional nearby lunch and dinner possibilities. At Sur Mer you and your group should be sure to test out French fare and experience the flavors of Bermuda.

Nearby Attractions

Active travelers that enjoy caves, and would like to see others, might check out Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves; the first and closest of which is 0.5 miles away from this page's attraction. There are at least one or two additional attractions in the area, including Blue Hole Hill Park, which is a half mile away Castle Harbour. Furthermore, you can think about visiting Ducks Puddle Park And Annex, which is another attraction close by.

A cave is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's more to visit on Bermuda. The following table includes other attractions close-by.

Attractions Near Leamington Cave
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location Island
Blue Hole Hill Park -- 0.4 mi. (5.0 km) NNW Castle Harbour St. David's Island
Ducks Puddle Park And Annex -- 0.9 mi. (4.7 km) NNW Castle Harbour St. David's Island
Wilkinson Memorial Park -- 0.9 mi. (4.9 km) NW Hamilton Parish Bermuda
Abbott's Cliff National Park -- 1.1 mi. (6.3 km) W Hamilton Parish Bermuda
Coney Island Park Other Attraction 1.2 mi. (4.4 km) NNW Coney Island Bermuda
Ferry Island Fort Historic Site 1.4 mi. (4.1 km) N Ferry Island Bermuda
Martello Tower Historic Site 1.4 mi. (4.1 km) N St. George's Island Bermuda
Ferry Point Park -- 1.6 mi. (3.5 km) N St. George's Island Bermuda

More Information


The caves are open to the public daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 ppm.

The caves are open only between the months of February and November, which means guests traveling during the height of tourist season may miss out on this natural wonder.

Location: Hamilton Parish, Bermuda


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