American Cuisine on Bermuda

While staying on Bermuda, you'll have the privilege of deciding between a delicious array of fine restaurants, quick eateries, and more. Guests who already have plans to eat American food won't want to miss those restaurants where this style of cooking is king. You won't have trouble finding a place either, since there's more than enough restaurants within this cuisine alone.


From the pleasant, very casual favorite named Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay to the lingering deliciousness of breakfast and lunch at Temptations, there is a choice for every visitor and style of vacation.

Use the list below to scan and read details about the large collection of places serving American cuisine to be found. Find one that whets your appetite and click its name to see the full article about its ambiance, locale, dress code, and more.

Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay

Henrys Hill | (441) 293-1854

Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay, a part of Bailey's Bay, is located near Hamilton; it's three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the south west of St. George. When you're up for simply indulging in a decent plate of American food, take a look at this restaurant where the whole vibe is very laid-back. <p>Swizzle can certainly be described as laid back, and can even often be called a hot party spot. Casual is key, however, whether you're sitting down for a meal, or hanging out at the bar watching the game and drinking a beer.</p>

City Cafe

Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 296-9462

City Cafe is located in Par-la-Ville Park, toward the heart of Hamilton. With a following of food lovers, this destination isn't known simply for its American cooking and their signature staple of coffee, but it's also quite the favorite for sandwiches. <p>City Cafe uses only the freshest ingredients on all of their menu items, from the signature "grinder" sandwiches to their latest menu addition, fresh baked pizza.</p>

Blu Bar and Grill

Warwick Parish | (441) 232-2323

Blu Bar and Grill

Blu Bar and Grill is on the same premises as Belmont Hills Golf Club. It is 1.7 miles south-southwest of Hamilton. While more generally known for American culinary creations, this visitor favorite is known for its seafood and steak. <p>The menu is similar to what you'd find in a high end restaurant in the United States, but often with a Spanish twist. Seafood, barbecue dishes, paella, a Yankee-style pot roast, and pizzas are all possibilities. Interestingly, they also offer a decent selection of sashimi and sushi.</p>

Dandelion Cafe

Downtown Hamilton | (441) 295-4903

Dandelion Cafe, part of Washington Mall, is found within downtown Hamilton, toward the center of Hamilton. Although some delight in the general selection of American culinary creations, this visitor favorite boasts about their coffee and desserts. <p>A truly unique experience, butterflies flutter around the guests at Dandelion Cafe while they dine. Their aim is simply to provide a completely sophisticated, sensual, yet casual dining and coffeehouse experience.</p>

Harry's at the Waterfront

Hamilton | (441) 292-5533

Harry's at the Waterfront

Located in the southern outskirts of Hamilton, Harry's at the Waterfront is a logical choice worth considering if you're exploring this part of the city and other nearby areas. You certainly don't want to pass up Hamilton if you love American food, but especially crave steak. <p>Harry's at the Waterfront embraces the New American Steakhouse Philosophy. Their focus is on freshness and simplicity of taste. Their Wine Spectator award winning wine list offers over 500 selections, something for every palate and budget. Their Lunch, Dinner, and Bar menus offers broad selection for the budding gourmet, including dry aged beef, fresh oysters, house made pastas and of course glorious seafood from local waters.</p>

American Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
1609 Bar & Restaurant 0.5 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 295-3000
Blu Bar and Grill 1.5 mi. South West of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 232-2323
Buzz Bakery Lane 0.7 mi. Northwest of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 292-2311
Buzz Dockyard 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 279-5551
Buzz Front Street Downtown Hamilton American (441) 279-5462
Buzz Hamilton Pharmacy 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 292-6150
Buzz Pembroke 1.0 mi. Northwest of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 298-5333
Buzz Tobacoo Cay 0.5 mi. North of Central St. George American (441) 297-2756
Buzz Washington Mall Downtown Hamilton American (441) 295-4903
Buzz n'Go Collector's Hill Smith's Parish, Central Bermuda American (441) 232-2002
Buzz n'Go Crawl Hill 1.6 mi. North of Central Flatt's Village American (441) 293-0777
Buzz n'Go Richmond Road Downtown Hamilton American (441) 296-2390
Buzz n'Go Warwick 2.3 mi. South West of Central Hamilton American (441) 236-3021
City Cafe 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 296-9462
Dandelion Cafe Downtown Hamilton American, Caribbean (441) 295-4903
Harry's at the Waterfront 0.4 mi. South West of Downtown Hamilton American (441) 292-5533
KFC Hamilton Downtown Hamilton American (441) 296-4532
Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay 5.3 mi. Northeast of Central Hamilton American, British, Caribbean (441) 293-1854
Temptations 0.0 mi. South of Central St. George American (441) 297-1368
The Dog House Downtown Hamilton American (441) 292-3044

Similar Food


If your heart's not set on this cuisine in particular, you might like distinctly different, but still related restaurants like Island Cuisine, which is offering up Californian treats and Rosa's Cantina, where it's all about another related style, Tex-Mex eats.

Plus, taste more of the same with the mainstay dishes from places like those below:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Tavern by the Sea (441) 297-3305 Hamburgers 0.1 mi. South of Central St. George
Wickets (866) 540-4497 Hamburgers 3.8 mi. South West of Central Hamilton
Smokin' Barrel (441) 337-0211 Barbecue Downtown Hamilton

Some of the most unique places to grab a bite on Bermuda are those that you find suddenly while journeying to and from your hotel. Although, you can't go wrong when you plan on visiting specific venues. To discover much more about the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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