Jamaican Cuisine on Bermuda

If you're a big fan of Jamaican food, you might have an opportunity to indulge yourself. Though not incredibly abundant, you can still find a couple of places on Bermuda serving this type of food.


With lots to tempt your palate, from the very casual backdrop at Jamaican Grill to the cafes where beer and wine are just as crucial as the the dishes they serve, there's a menu suited for each type of traveler and every style of vacation.

Take time to preview the limited selection of Jamaican places you'll encounter while vacationing nearby. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to see the full article about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Jamaican Grill

Hamilton | (441) 296-6577

Jamaican Grill is located in the heart of Hamilton. When you're up for simply indulging in some great Jamaican fare, remember this local eatery where the vibe is very casual. Known for its "Tasty Jamaican food on the go," you'll find a menu filled with authentic Jamaican fare like jerk meats, curries, rice and beans, and of course, the island's national dish of ackee and salt fish. Don't forget to order a Ting grapefruit drink to wash it all down with, or order something from the juice bar.


Par-la-Ville Park | (441) 292-7389

Located in Par-la-Ville Park, north of downtown Hamilton, Fish-N-Tings is at 45 Angle Street. Seafood and Jamaican flavors make for a bold combo at this relaxed eatery.

Similar Food

Windows on the Sound

If you're willing to step just outside the box, perhaps you'll want the familiar flavors at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location Island
Polaris Restaurant (441) 297-0786 Caribbean 0.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George St. David's Island
Bermuda Bistro at the Beach (441) 292-0219 Caribbean Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
Hammerhead's Bar and Grill (441) 234-6989 Caribbean 3.4 mi. Northwest of Central Hamilton Bermuda
Pickled Onion (441) 295-2263 Caribbean 0.4 mi. Northwest of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Bar (441) 234-4502 Caribbean 4.7 mi. West of Central Hamilton Somerset Island
Coconuts (441) 238-0222 Caribbean 4.5 mi. South West of Central Hamilton Bermuda
Hog Penny (441) 292-2534 Caribbean Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay (441) 293-1854 Caribbean 5.3 mi. Northeast of Central Hamilton Bermuda
The Dining Room (441) 238-8679 Caribbean 4.1 mi. South West of Central Hamilton Bermuda
Art Mels Spicy Dicy (441) 295-3965 Caribbean 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Hamilton Bermuda

You can't plan for it, but sometimes the best food and drink options on Bermuda are the ones you didn't expect to find yourself craving during your daytime travels. Then again, that doesn't mean you can't plan ahead. To find out much more regarding the dining options available to you, check out this page.


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